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Review:water_lily43175 says:
Oh no. I said things would be bad for Wilson. It's incredible just how much his and Gabe's house traits shine through in their argument! And actually, admiration for McLaggen here ... I mean, Wilson being willing to lay down his life to avenge his family is one thing, but for McLaggen to do it as a friend ... yeah, this is a bit of good-McLaggen I think. If we're supposed to think that sacrificing their lives for the cause is a good thing. I find myself second-guessing myself all the time now, we get it all from a Gryffindor perspective and I'm like "yes sacrificing your life for the cause is worth it" and then it switches round and now I'm there like "don't do it!". But I think that goes to show how well you write it, from a more Slytherinish point of view, that the more self-preservation thought process seems like such a logical one.

Oh, poor Jennifer! That wasn't much of a goodbye, was it? Part of me wonders ... did Wilson really not care enough for HER in the end? I mean, I get that his family were killed, and brutally so, but even so ... she's still alive! Come on man, think about this a bit! Mind, he probably still thinks he can survive this somehow. But even so, think about the possible eventualities!

Oh, no, TANITH...

Why did Everard punch her? This is confusing me. Do they just not believe Jennifer when she says that Tanith is their woman? Or was it just a way of him getting away without it not looking as though she let him?

So much frustration here that if it wasn't Jacob that McLaggen had pinned to the ground, then Tanith could well have acted so differently...

Ugh, hating that Tanith has to kill Wilson right now. But yeah, she has no other choice ... he's going to be killed anyway, and so either she does it and keeps her family safe, or she doesn't do it, someone else then does, her family are in danger ... yeah. I hate the thought of the possible repercussions this may have if the Lions find out she killed him though, regardless of intent.

And I'm back to hating Thanatos now, for making Tanith do that!

All I can say about Wilson dying is that at least it simplifies the love triangle stuff. Well, once Jennifer's gotten past the grief at any rate...

I hate that I've caught up now! :( I hope you update soon, I can't cope with the suspense!

This is an immensely long review. I'd apologise, but I love long reviews, so you should instead feel the same sense of joy that I feel when I see one this big. Even if half of it is me waffling on. ANYWAY. Please update soon!

Author's Response: Yaay long review! And don't worry, tomorrow is update day!

The sacrifice is... well, unsurprisingly, mixed. They HAVE delivered a great blow against their enemies, they have given their lives for the cause and to keep their friends safe, and in killing Lestrange they have probably saved lives they never knew were in danger. I mostly paint it as negative because it was done a little thoughtlessly and defiantly. Wilson was hurting, and wanted to punish his enemies, and didn't CARE that he'd probably die for it. That makes it tragic, because it makes him less a martyr and more of a victim, that the war drove him to not care about himself enough to throw his life away. McLaggen's is more of an honest sacrifice for the cause, and for his friend, though it's then tragic that he was led down that path by Wilson - a month before, Wilson wouldn't have done that, and maybe he wouldn't have done it a month later, maybe he would have been past his loss enough to not lose himself to it. I do believe there are things worth dying for, and there would be things in this war worth dying for, but Wilson's death could have probably been averted without compromising his principles. He just didn't look hard enough.

He did care about Jen, he did love her. That's kind of why he had to be so dismissive in his goodbye? Because on a conscious basis, he was shrugging off the possibility of dying (subconsciously, kind of accepting it), so if he took her and her warning seriously, he couldn't really justify leaving at all. Which meant he had to leave in a pretty douchey way for a final goodbye!

The Lions DO trust Tanith - but there's trust, and then there's Trust, you know? Everard was basically hedging his bets. He knows Tanith will bring him in if she has no choice, so decided it was safer, for him and for her, to not give her the chance. And a little bit on the off chance they were WRONG. Why take the risk, was his thinking. Though McLaggen was being a panicking idiot - and it got him killed. Tanith MIGHT not have stopped him if it had been anyone but Jacob, but equally a spell at point blank range against someone's throat is going to give them a bad day and Tanith has the kind of instincts which would balk at that happening to most people while they're helpless.

I think, philosophically, Tanith should not be blamed for killing Nick; there were no choices, and she's no more the killer than Brynmor's wand would be if he'd done it himself. But, of course, life, and feelings, and other people are not that way. There will be fallout. Eventually. Some day.

See, I can do long responses like you can do long reviews! I do love my chances to be self-indulgent. Thanks very much for the reviews; I shall update soon. And sorry about the revision. ;)

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