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Review:Sarahthebookworm says:
Hi there! It's me again.

So I loved this chapter just as much as all the others. I enjoyed the increased length of the chapter; I hope you do it again. I'm sad that this is set in November though; I wanted some more Archie/Dionne action (wow, I actually remembered her name!). But at least I got to see some interaction and his previous thoughts on her. However, I can't wait for April. Please tell me you'll post that this month? *puppy eyes*

I didn't get all the references (I'm Canadian), but I think it shows Archie's love for Muggle culture perfectly. He's so nerdy, and his mind immediately jumps to muggle culture. I think its cute, though. I also enjoyed how he tries to postpone the inevitable by first patrolling and then using the Bonfire Night as an excuse, but then resignedly accepts his fate. Archie is a strange cross between a pessimist and an optimist. Before something happens, he's all gloomy and dreading it, but after it happens, he tries to put it in the best possible light. I'm getting to like Archie's character more and more each chapter.

Again, I love all the wacky and wonderful students you've thought up for this story. And it's amazing how many of their names are eerily similar to famous muggles. :P I mean, Guy Fawkes? Really? How common are those two names? ;) You really have a talent for names. John Jigger, Doris Dingle and Penilope Pilliwickle cracked me up.

We got introduced to the Lit Duo, as you promised! I'm liking them already. And, John Watson! I love Dom...and Fred, of course. Both overenthusiastic, sometimes a little too helpful, and great for comedic relief. Just what Archie needs to assure him that there are still people who pay attention to him.

I love how Archie interacts with his pupils; his dry humor and sarcastic wit are simply hilarious. And their reactions are pretty funny too. It cracks me when Archie keeps all his frustration bottled in and then unleashes it on a hapless student. The poor student's and Archie's reactions are hilarious to see (read about?).

One thing I think really makes this story funny is how you imply so much more through Archie's thoughts than just what you tell us in detail; it leaves so much to the reader's imagination. So although your chapters themselves are rather short, it seems so much longer and as if we are really experiencing what Archie sees. An example is this paragraph:

"Admittedly, Fred had taken the 'remember, remember the fifth of November' chant a little bit too far, but those sorts of things were nothing compared to how truly terrible the daily compulsory lessons had been.

And, yes, heíd had to ban most of his students from using the sparklers but that hadnít exactly been a surprise. And it was probably for the best that Hugo Weasley learnt that sort of language at this point, rather than stumbling across it in a situation where Fred was available to explain and define what each choice swear word meant. Really, it was healthier this way."

The imagery these four sentences convey! Amazing! The whole Bonfire Night was great; the little glimpses of the various characters, Vicky's stick catching on fire, the water spell, and of course, Thomas Hardy's final comment!

I also really like how you link your various chapters together, despite writing them in the wrong order; I think it takes a great deal of talent. I think you're a great author in general; you write so well in such a variety of genres. I've read several of your stories, and although they're all brilliant, they are all so different and unique in their own ways. I think it's a sign of extraordinary talent that you can write a variety of characters and situations so spectacularly well. Have you considered publishing something of yours; not just fanfiction? I'd love to read something of yours, unrelated to Harry Potter if you do decide to try!

I would paste favorite quotes, but it's almost 1 AM, and I have homework to submit it at school tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I covered everything I could have said, in any case. Anyway, great chapter as usual. I'm really looking forward to more!


PS - I tried to sign in to post this review, but it's not working for some reason. Any ideas?

Author's Response: SARAH!

First can I say that this review was so beautifully wondering. It's the sort of review that I posted in the reviews-that-made-your-day-thread and also copied and pasted it to friends because it was so delicious and shiny and made me feel all squishy inside. You're amazing and I always look forward to your reviews so much!

Following that, sorry for taking such a long time to respond. I'm sort of in the middle of exams and I wanted to make sure I had enough time to give this review all the time it deserved when I got to responding it. But, well, on rereading it for like the seventh time I realised I couldn't wait any longer. So here I am!

I was very much planning another update this month! There was supposed to be two or three, but unfortunately the queues been long and I've been slow due to exams... but, I think I might start writing the April chapter now as you've definitely inspired me a little more! I'll get to it when I've answered a few more reviews, I think :)

PAH. Guy Fawkes. I just loved that one. Oh, yeah... all those surnames are actually CANON. Yeah. They're all mentioned at some point in HP (I used the lexicon, I won't deny) but I thought they were just wonderful so had to use them. John Jigger is definitely my favourite xD

Fred and Dom are some of my favourite creations of all time, hehe. They're just so hilarious and beautiful :D

ARCHIES RANTS WERE SO FUN TO WRITE IN THIS CHAPTER. With a different bunch of students he finally got a chance to let off some steam and, well... it was interesting. A lot of fun to write, hehee. I love Archie's world weary look on life. Lots of fun to play around with :D

And he's so geeky! Pah.

Awwh, thank you so much Sarah! I'd love to be a writer one day and I'm working towards it in a round about sort of way. I've written a couple of original novels and things. I'm not quite good enough yet, but I'm determined that one day I will be.

Thanks for such a truly lovely review! You're amazing and wonderful and all the other positive adjectives.


(not sure about the signing in thing, I'm afraid!)

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