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Review:HPPC Staff says:
Hello Toujours Padfoot! I'm here on behalf of the HPPC Staff to say thank you so much for entering our Challenge! Your entry is such a great little story and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about it! Honestly, it was so much fun to read, I don't even know where to start!

The top, I suppose? ;-) Immediately you grabbed my attention with the listing of past pranks pulled by the one and only Peeves. You're so inventive, each one getting more ridiculous than the last. hahaha Gosh, Peeves is such a brat... ^.^ This one might be my favorite: "Reworking the entire plumbing system on the third floor so that when people flushed toilets, all of the waste came back up in the bathtubs." - Bahahaha ew.

Speaking of Peeves, can we please talk about how wonderfully you portrayed him here? I think you did such a great job with his character. He was so very canon, but also very much your own creation - a perfect balance of what J.K. Rowling gave us and what your imagination added to him. You gave Peeves such a great story outside of his life haunting Hogwarts, and I love seeing an author take a canon character and connecting how they got to Point B by creating a Point A. And the reason you gave for how Peeves ended up at Hogwarts was just too funny and so plausible. Those poor teachers... hahaha Omg, he's such a brat in this story! "Don't call me Salmon" - LOL! There was honestly a huge chunk of writing in which I believed that Peeves was a character you invented and sculpted yourself because you wrote him with such expertise. It wasn't until the sing-song rhyme about Trout that I remembered 'Oh, yeah, this is Peeves the Poltergeist from Harry Potter, not Waldorf, the trouble-maker from Toujours Padfoot.'

I thought Trout was a great character, too. He had a very distinct voice and the way he talked and thought painted a really clear picture of the type of person he was. This line was my favorite of his: "Really, what sort of lad who wasn't seventy shades of mad would wear such preposterous articles of clothing?"

One of my favorite things you did throughout the story that made me laugh each time was the changing of Trout's last name into other fish. 'Tuna' and 'Salmon' and 'Sushi' LOL I don't know if you watch the show, but it reminded me very much of 'Psych' and the way Shawn is constantly renaming things and when Gus calls him out on it he just says 'I've heard it both ways.' hahaha ...No idea what I'm talking about? Never mind. Moving on!

The ending was brilliant, of course. Very funny, and a perfect example of 'be careful what you wish for'! hahaha Really, the entire story was just so enjoyable, start to finish.

As far as the challenge itself goes, I think you did just a brilliant job with both the way you used the quote and also the fact that the first place prize is a full-sound-effects podcast that I think this story would be so much fun to turn into! The way you used the quote... To be honest, I was laughing so hard I had to stop reading for a bit. LOL I don't know why, but the way the quote came into play just took me by surprise - I knew which quote you had chosen, but when Peeves actually said it, I was just like 'Oh.My.God.That.Just.Happened.' LOL I know that's not a very articulate summation of why I loved it so much, but I simply did. haha

Before I wrap this review up, I just have to tell you that the banner for the story is just beyond hilarious. After seeing the picture of that meme guy and then reading the description about what Peeves was wearing (his hat with with the bell and the bow tie), I seriously could not stop picturing that face sitting in the chair casually in front of Trout the whole time! Hahaha

I think the only thing I noticed, and I'm not even sure if this is truly accurate, but I believe bowtie is two words... I thought it was one, too, but it keeps coming up as a spelling error when I type it and when I google it, 99% of them are saying 'bow tie'. Meh, certainly not a big deal, but figured I point it out anyway and you can do with it as you like! :-p

So basically, to sum all of this up, you're a fantastically talented, creative, and gifted writer and I truly enjoyed this story and thank you again for joining our Challenge! :-)

Author's Response: Holy wow, this review. You are very thorough! Oh my goodness, I don't even know how to reply. I'm so glad that you enjoyed adolescent Peeves: Menace To Society, as I had a lot of fun writing him. I'd been turning around the idea for a Peeves one-shot in my mind and as soon as I saw the HPPC quotes challenge and the 'all the meat fell out!' quote, I knew I would have to sit down and finally give Peeves his due. I'm also glad you liked the banner. :3 It took me weeks to make, perfecting every pixel so that it could become the work of art you now see. I labored over placement of the polka dots for many long nights~


Thank you for pointing that out about 'bow tie'. I didn't even notice that! And thank you very much for the thorough and wonderful review and for issuing that challenge. It was so much fun to write for! :D

- Sarah

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