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Review:apocalypse says:
Beware, this review is gonna have a lot of capitals. =P


Ahem. Okay. HI! I'm apocalypse! =) I actually created my account on this site only last year but I read this story THREE YEARS AGO. And I STILL remembered everything that has happened in it! I don't think I gave you a review back then but right now, I really wanted to tell about how long I have been following you and this story!

It's been three years since I read this and now when i came back and read it again, it was like I hadn't ever taken a break from it. I've already read this story about 4 times before and even now, it never gets old! It's BRILLIANT! And i'm being a very incoherent reviewer right now but I'm just SO excited to have finally found this story after so many days of research that I can't control it!

I think a lot of people might have already told you how much they love this story and how big fans they are of yours but I still want to tell you THAT I AM YOUR BIGGEST HUGEST FAN EVER! And only because of this story!

Now onto the story's review. As you already know how much I loved it I'll tell you why. =) It's the most beautifully executed story; it makes me believe that something like this did happen during Harry's school year and that Avrille had actually been Snape's apprentice. It makes me believe in true love and friendship and honesty. I suppose, this is the story that changed my opinion about Snape. After reading this, I was convinced that Snape could never be so bad as to hurt so many people. It made me see the good in him.

You've done a wonderful job with the ideas you've had for the story! I really liked how you've made Avrille weak in her powers but given her so much still and how Snape had issues with his father. When he goes to visit his father's grave, THAT WAS ONE OF THE BEST SCENES EVER!

There have been moments in this story when I've cried, laughed, gotten angry, felt frustrated, ridiculous; it just holds so many memories of mine that it's part of my life and will always will be. Even after three years, I still feel for it and would ALWAYS ALWAYS LOVE THIS!

I'm SO glad you've updated the sequel! I'll be taking a look at it and would be reviewing that too! =D I'm currently posting a review on the last chapter of the story but if I feel like reading and reviewing this story again, I might come back a few times and give reviews on random chapters. That's me. =)

I'm sorry I didn't review this story before. But I promise to follow the sequel! I love you and Snape and Avrille! =D

~Recenseo '12

Author's Response: Well, I don't even know where to begin replying to this review. I'm probably still blushing. I guess let me ask, how does it feel to have made someone's MONTH? :D Cause really, that's what you just did. This review was so completely unexpected, and I can't put into words how appreciated it is. As you probably know, I finished writing this story close to FIVE years ago now (wow! time flies!), so to know that there are still people who are enjoying it and keep coming back to re-read it is incredibly humbling. I really only wrote the story for myself, to create something that I would want to read since I wasn't happy with what a horrible life Snape ended up having in the books, so having really wonderful people like you tell me that you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it is just...brilliant! :)

I'm so happy the story changed your opinion about Snape. When I started writing it, the "Half-Blood Prince" book hadn't even come out yet, so we really didn't have much of an inkling either way about his true loyalties. I just thought he was so incredibly brave to be doing all that spying for the Order and figured there was no way someone who was truly working for Voldemort would do all the things he did (I decided he must be loyal to Dumbledore after reading HBP and remembering how he had sent Order members to the Ministry after Harry. There's no way he would have bothered if he was "evil." I'm really looking forward SO much to touching on all the stuff in the sequel. JKR gave us fan fic writers so much fun stuff to play around with.)

I hope you enjoy the sequel. Reviews so far seem to be overwhelmingly positive, so I guess I'm doing something right ;) It won't be so focused on the romance aspect, but with more of a focus on family and (without giving *too* much away...) Avrille questioning the realization she came to in the first book that it's impossible to change the future. I'm expecting this story to be around the same length as TDoON, though the epilogue might end up being a stand-alone novella because I'm going to want to wrap up the plot all the way through Voldemort's defeat without making a trilogy.

Sorry, I'm probably rambling! Reviews on random chapters are always appreciated ;) but really, you've already given me so much with this one. I am very curious to know what you think about the new material, so if you don't mind taking a second once you read it, please drop me a line. The cool thing about posting a WIP is the feedback I get from readers while I'm doing it.

Thanks again just so much, a million times over for your incredibly kind review. If you have any questions about this story or the sequel, I have a Meet the Author thread on the forums (and also a BADLY updated blog...haha. I really need to get on updating that...) I also never mind a private message since I LOVE meeting new Harry Potter writing friends. Have an awesome week, thanks so much again, and hope you enjoy Severus's and Avrille's new story! ~Renny

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