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Review:SilentConfession says:
I'm not sure where to start! This is absolutely lovely, i think i've fallen in love with your writing so if I squee like a fangirl, please forgive, but I'm absolutely in love with this one-shot.

this has always been one of the moments i've always wondered about, the moment when Remus realizes he's all alone. Gah! There are just so many emotions that i'm feeling right now and i don't know exactly how to say it. But i loved how you explored how he just sat and waited for Sirius to come back and i couldn't help but just remember how he had been the one to grab Harry and tell him that he was gone in the book and yet he was just waiting for Sirius to saunter back in too. *sobs*

Also, i've never liked second person that much. It's always annoyed me because it's like "IT"S NOT ME STOP REFERRING TO ME FOOL AUTHOR" ;D but i actually didn't notice the 'you' till half way through and even then i never felt annoyed because it somehow just fit with this story of it coming from Remus. You pulled it off wonderfully and made the sadness and angst of Remus seem so much stronger through that.

Speaking of Remus, his emotions are so spot on and his characterization is perfect. Honestly, this explains to me his flight in the seventh book to me as well. If only a little, like he wanted to try and protect Harry, the only link he had left from those twenty years of loss. That was all that was left and he can't let those memories fall into obscurity. I also think you've really nailed how Remus was always a little needy and selfish. He wasn't thinking of anything but everything he didn't have anymore. No one else really mattered or what his actions would mean later on.

I think one of my favourite lines here was Your father, James, Lily, Peter, Sirius, your mother, and Sirius again: empty eyes, empty faces, souls without bodies, Peter a body without a soul. I've always just felt so sad how that group was slowly torn apart by the war and you wording of this just brought that to the forefront of my mind and really highlighted the loss Remus must have been feeling.

This is truly very very lovely and I love your writing style and how easily to flows together and i LOVE the angst. You write it so stellar and there's just so much insight into this one piece of work here, i cannot believe you've never written Remus before because it seems like just understand the core of his person here. Honestly, excellent job!

Author's Response: Eep, eep, eep, eep, EEP. I am so, so sorry that this has taken so long for me to reply to. I'm usually very good, honestly, but exam season has really taken it out of me. I'm doubly sorry because I've not yet had chance to read and review your story but I intend on doing so very, very soon (my exams finish tomorrow, then I'm going home for a few days so the weekend is probably most likely). Thank you for being so patient with me.

Remus holding Harry back was a moment in the book, and oddly mainly the film, that really stood out to me because it struck me when I saw it visualised on screen just how much he must have been hurting too. I would presume only the Unspeakables and perhaps Dumbledore would really understand how the veil works so I liked the idea of Remus sitting and hoping and coming slowly to terms with the fact that Sirius can't come back.

SECOND PERSON IS DEATH. Usually. It has its moments. I detest reading it, personally, but when there are a lot of same-gender pronouns to deal with, it often works best for me. I hate first person too :P

Thank you so much. I don't often give much thought to characterisation until afterwards because they tend to just come alive at my fingertips but I start fretting as soon as I've posted. Remus especially because he's so loved by so many.

Exactly but I kind of wanted to show that selfishness in this sense is sometimes justified. I don't know many people who wouldn't act like Remus does in some of these circumstances (I know people who would run away from an unwanted pregnancy etc.). I think you'd have to be pretty perfect as a person not to have your moments of selfishness and need, all the more so if you're a werewolf/outcast from society.

That line means a lot to me. It was the point when I wrote this when I realised exactly how much he'd lost, possibly more than Harry because he knew and loved all of those individuals for so long and they accepted him for who he was, in spite of his condition. I really wanted to make people aware of that.

Thank you so much for such a stunning review. I promise I will get to you as soon as exams are done and I've had a bit of a breather. I can't wait to read your story!


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