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Review:TenthWeasley says:

“Sects! This is getting to sound quite--”
 -- I GOT THE JOKE, FOR YOUR INFORMATION. Oh, this is so intelligently brilliant. I could never pull something like this off. You are wonderful. :)

At this point, Hugo was sorely tempted to shout out “Orange!” -- HUGO. I want to squeeze him forever because he is just the best. Seriously one of my favorite fan fiction characters ever. Except I really don't think he'd take well to it, would he? He'd probably hide in his sweater again, I expect. Oh, he is such a HUGO. There is no one like him. ♥

Like the Unicorn Appreciation Guild! Hugo thought happily. -- YES, HUGO. EXACTLY LIKE THAT. Pay no attention to the fact that Herbert is, in fact, Herberta. We appreciate unicorns, no matter their genders ~

“Reparo,” Ron’s voice said. “Oh, bugger, that pattern doesn’t match the stem -- THIS IS SUCH A RON THING TO SAY. Possibly my favorite comment from the whole chapter, and that's a very difficult thing to pick out. You are so good at writing effortless humor, and I will stew in jealousy for a moment. This story is brilliant. Toppermost of the poppermost. ♥ And now, actual review time!

Okay, so the part that had me crying from laughter was when Cedric was petting the plant, and Amos was trying to dodge his arm, and then Hugo mirrored him. I could see that perfectly in my head and it was so hilarious! We probably reference him more than the legal amount in these reviews, but I am of the opinion that it was a very Wodehousian tactic. You downplay your humor to the point that if you didn't actually read with half a brain, you'd probably miss it -- which sounds a bit insulting, reading that over, but I ADORE it. I think it's such a genius way of writing, and it really just shows how well this story is written. Normally lengthy chapters take me a while to read, or I visibly notice that they are /long/, but yours is the first fic I've ever, ever read where it never seems like I've read as much as I have. True story.

I am so excited to see these missions you've got planned, because I did not see this coming! Oh my goodness, this plot. ♥ Secret societies, Department of Mystery research, afterlife treks -- do you know how excited I am for all this?! And I have a little heart attack of joy when Scorpius and Neville and Hugo got put on the same team. THE BROMANCE RETURNS ~ This is a flawless cast of characters, and you write them all so distinctively and with such passion that it makes me even more excited, and just... gah. This is a fabulous story. Fabulous doesn't even cover it, actually, but unfortunately I only have a set number of words in my vocabulary to convey emotions.

You need to update as soon as possible (without slaying your brain, ofc), because I am absolutely on edge to see where you're taking all this. :D This plot is just. And your characters are so. And you are. I AM HAVING TROUBLE FINISHING SENTENCES. Lily, this is legitimately fantastic. I am forever jealous of you as a writer. And shall read your stories forever.

Author's Response: I am not surprised that you have intercepted my humor on its somewhat cracky!plane. I like puns. And yes, I'm sure you could! I feel that this story is mostly the product of my being strange every day of my life and reading our illegally-over-mentioned Wodehouse. Also, surprisingly, a lot of poets are funny. I pick up some stuff from them, too.

SEE. ANOTHER PUN. Just your basic word association, which is so instinctual, and most people's brains are running on some kind of separate track, but Hugo, alas, does not have other things to do with his mental capacity. So he responds to things that we normally skim over. Which makes him both fantastic and annoying. But mostly fab :P

Hugo is also strange, I can't really say whether or not he'd bask in the glory or not. I personally think that when he's in familiar situations he'd be really happy about it, like when he gets attention for being superb at Quidditch, but he would probably retreat if you said he was your favorite because aside from his family nobody really outwardly expresses appreciation for him. I think that's part of the reason he got so flustered here, because people were paying attention to his particular talents. Aside from Quidditch, not that he's down on himself, but he'd not used to being appreciated in his other skills. It's sort of funny because to me his plaque signals that he really does want other people to pay attention to him and appreciate these things, yet when people do, he's like DON'T LOOK AT ME. LEAVE ME IN PEAAACCCEE. | Yes, it is the appreciation that counts.

I felt rather clever about that! Mostly that I thought of something he could do that would get him to need help. Because he would obviously need help. My hopes is that this story will help explain why he ends up going to help George with his shop, actually, which requires that I am a bit mean to him :P


I do think that I write humor out of sort of an organic place, where it's more of real-people-gone-"hugo-fic" than this cast that I know I need to have look a certain way that is crazy, if that makes sense. I think because everything humor stems out of what these characters are really like, even though it's fantastic and couldn't probably ever happen except once in an alignment-of-planets, it feels real. It could be that I've just made characters who do inexplicably stupid or funny things and you're so used to it by now, and me, too, that we're like THIS IS SO GOOD and everyone else is like WHAT IS THIS SORCERY UGH.

I have stumbled upon a few fics like that, where they feel much shorter than they are compared to other stories the same length. I couldn't tell yah what quality that speaks to, I just know what that feels like :P

Remember when I took a picture of the notes I had planned? THIS STORY IS NOTHING LIKE THOSE NOTES. The only part about them that is the same is the relative place in plot I am right now and the fact that I have divided the novel into books. I've decided I'm going to dedicate about five whole chapters to afterlife exploration, probably more, because this task is crazy. I feel like it's a pre-task task for the Triwizard tournament. I'm also having some doubts now as to who I'm placing as Hogwarts champion, but let's not talk about that.

OF COURSE, the bromance returns! In my opinion it's the only thing that will really make this a true sequel, besides the fact that this story happens chronologically later in time, as the tournament and its happenings have nothing to do with the moonstone trio's escapade into the forest two years ago.

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