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Review:NaidatheRavenclaw says:
LOTTIE LOTTIE HI! :D I've just watched a super emotional Doctor Who episode (The Girl in the Fireplace) so apologies if this review is super spazzy. Oh, who am I kidding, it will be super spazzy no matter what I do.

So you're incredible. It's honestly a crime that I've never read this one shot before. My inner Romione shipper was missing out on so much. HOW DO YOU WRITE SO PERFECTLY? :D Whenever something is this hyped, I have to read it, and the hype was so well deserved for this. Probably the best Romione one shot I've ever read. Hng.

I'm majorly in awe of Hermione in this. She was like /perfectly/ in character. People never seem to get Hermione right but you DID. I mean, whuteven? It was like JK Rowling was writing this. No joke. It was like OMG THIS IS HERMIONE. People always make here too concerned about studies or else not concerned at all, but you had the perfect balance. Out of the trio, I actually think Hermione is hardest to write, but guess what? YOU WERE PERFECT.

I'm close to tears right now. I don't even know whether I'm happy or sad or just in love with this story and homg let me marry it, okay? I'm going to save it and print it out and hang it on my wall so the ENTIRE WORLD CAN REVEL IN ITS AWESOMENESS. Except that would be creepy. So I'll settle for sending you infinite amounts of love. And Hermione because she deserves it.

I think one of my favorite things in this was the way you set it up. With the "i won't cry" and the progression through her life and the way she loved Ron even when he was being a complete idiot to her. GAH. The transitions in this were so pefect and I loved {THE CAPITALIZED BITS IN BRACKETS} Just keep writing forever and ever, okay?

OH AND THIS LINE: "Weeping meant heart-wrenching sobs that made your heart feel cracked in half and lying in pieces at your feet, pain shooting through you while your mind cried out for help." Um. Breathtaking writing right there. Read it people. This is how you WRITE. Yeah. Characters that cry in books always seem to do it "prettily". You know what I mean? Like they cry but it's glazed over and then someone will come into the room and comfort them and it'll all be over. They don't legitimately WEEP. And this has to be the best description of that I've ever seen.

So much love right now ♥ ♥ ♥

YOU ARE AN AWESOME PERSON LOTTIE. Hng I'mma read this again now. And again. And maybe again :P


Edit; I just realized how long that got *hides* Oooops. Sorry love.

Author's Response: HI NAIDA 8D Hehe I often find that Dr Who makes for chaotic reviews too - but they're the most fun to read too, and this is just lovely!

Eep THANKYOU SO MUCH! I'm just so happy that I managed to write Romione canonly enough, but I feel so flattered that you like how I write them! It was hard to stay true to my inner Romione shipper, but I wasn't going to settle for annoying myself with bad writing ;) if that makes sense? Aww everyone's been so lovely about my baby!

Eek thankyou so much! 8D JKR? Lolno but I guess that I've always identified a lot with Hermione (like A LOT a lot) but I wasn't sure if that would translate well to writing! Especially since I totally agree that she can be so difficult to get right, as the boys just have a simpler relationship. Well, not necessarily Harry as he is quite unpredictable... but yeah, it took me a long time to write because I wanted to get Hermione right! And the whole studies-imbalance has always annoyed me, because it's not like some defining label that has to be /the most important thing ever/ about a person. She just wanted good grades!

Aww I'm glad that Hermione (and Ron) provoked feels! Hehe it's a strange honour to know that I've managed to write them that canonly :) But if course you can marry OW&W Naida, though maybe don't hang it on your wall because I agree that it would potentially cause creepy-problems, and Hermione is very pleased with so much love :3

Aww thanks! It was a bit of a pain putting in the link at first, but it was how I'd come by all the different moments so it felt like betraying Romione love otherwise

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