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Review:apocalypse says:
Hey! This is apocalypse, here with your review! Wow, I'm early, aren't I? =P Couldn't wait!

How do you do it? Seriously. How do you pull it off without confusing anybody? The start? It was AMAZINGLY done. Really. Had it been written by someone else or even slightly differently, I would've gotten confused and wondered what was happening and why, all of a sudden, everything was in third person. But with you and your excellent writing, I simply got pulled into the story as if by magnet and completely forgot that I was supposed to be confused. Seriously. I didn't care that something was different and that I was reading some other story in this story. I just wanted to read on and on and get the feel of it all. I couldn't stop reading, because, I knew, that eventually, everything will be set right and the confusion I'm supposed to be feeling, wouldn't be necessary. Excellent, wonderful, marvelous job. Brilliant! =D

I really like the names you chose for your characters of the book. Of course, it's obvious that they're more than just book characters in the story so they had to have awesome names, right? =P Malea, Medora and Malcolm. Nice =) Ah. Malea. I have to say that I really like her character. She's pure Slytherin in a way which makes her all the more interesting as she's so different from Molly. Then there's her infatuation with Lestrange. That, I think, is one very intriguing idea. I had never thought that I would view Lestrange as a very tempting guy but Malea's point of view changed that. It was like I, too had a crush on him. =P Sounds weird, yes, but awesome writing does that to me. ;)

You did a good job with describing Malea's life and her feelings all in a small excerpt. It was only a few hundred words but you managed to convey her life story very beautifully and acquainted your readers with her personality very well. I loved the way you showed her relationship with her brother and sister and what she thought of her parents' opinions. The part where she considered improving her studies just so that Lestrange could notice her, that part made me laugh for some reason. It was so naive that I couldn't help but smile at it all. =) Again, very good work with it all.

And then we come back to reality and the all wonderful second person that you have so brilliantly executed. The dream/ nightmare that Molly had was written very well and at the point where it morphed and turned into something like a real vision, my heart starting beating faster. Really. It was like I had gotten out of bed and was trying to listen in to what was going on. The way you described it and the suspenseful feel that you gave to it all, that was just great. I was pulled in even deeper, standing along with Molly, trying to figure out what the French phrases meant. =P

The plot has finally started to unravel which is great! I've fallen in love with the story already and can't wait to see how you take it forward! This chapter was one of the best I've ever read and would ever read. It just had a very familiar feel for me for some reason and I felt attached to it after reading it. Wouldn't ever forget how brilliant it was. I think that if I could I would actually give you a standing ovation right now, just because the chapter that marks a very important turn in your story was written so brilliantly that it highlights the events within it even more. Wonderfully done!

Ah, that's it from me at the moment! =) Update soon! I'll be looking forward to it! I hope you like this review as much I liked your chapter! =) Until next time, Good Luck and Happy Writing! =D

Author's Response: Wow, I really wasn't expecting it so fast! I'm very impressed, lol - seriously, I don't know how you do it :D

Gosh *blush* I honestly don't know. It was kinda a gamble when I was writing it - I knew I wanted to do it like that and why I wanted to do it like that - but I had no idea if it would work... Ah, gosh I'm so glad you liked it and thought it worked! So so glad! :D

I love choosing names for characters! They have to fit them, you know? Suit them, in a way. There's also a much younger sister called Melisandra, just to complete the pattern :P Thank you! I really really hoped when I first wrote her that she would be obviously different from Molly, because they are kinda similar and, well, that would be kinda awkward, lol. I chose Lestrange mostly because it's always Snape/Lucius/etc. and I wanted to use someone different, who I could sort of mould to do the things I want them to do without them being out of character, you know? Haha, thanks! Don't get too attached to him, though... or, maybe you should. ;)

I wasn't sure if pushing that much information in such a small space and with so little action would get boring or not, but it was fun to write and kinda necessary for later bits of the plot and things... haha, yeah, it's a silly idea, really, but people don't always think straight when they're infatuated, do they? *cough* James Potter Sr. *cough* :D

Ah, the dream! Yeah, the dream is perhaps more significant than you realise ;) Thank you! I never honestly thought I could do suspense (I'm very impatient in RL, and the two don't seem like they're compatible), so... ah! Thank you! :D (Writing the French was probably the hardest bit of the entire chapter, I think. I was paranoid over getting the grammar/phrasing wrong, lol)

Oh my gosh! Thank you so so much! I honestly don't really know what to say in reply to that, it's just... gah, so lovely! :D Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for the wonderful, wonderful review!
Aph xx

p.s. Thank you so so much for being a lovely, lovely reviewer! You've picked up on pretty much everything so far and it just makes me grin like an idiot. I love all your reviews! (I've actually read this one over at least once a day since I got it, just because it makes me feel so happy :D) So, yeah, thank you!

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