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Review:SilentConfession says:
Hi! I'm here for your requested review and I am VERY sorry for the long wait! It's been a ridiculously busy month! Thank you so much for your patience, I really appreciate it.

To answer some of your specific questions, yes, i think it's very interesting. I've never read someone exploring what happened to Hagrid after the war and I love that you've given him this desire to be reinstated as a wizard and to gain back his honour. I think it was a really beautiful and unique idea. It also makes it stand out from all the other stories because people haven't really thought too much about him and it makes me wonder what JKR would have done with him.

Although this was a Hagrid story, i felt it sometimes shifted to Harry. Simply because of some of the tough ethical questions that were brought up. I'm not sure if this is a bad thing or not, it didn't, for me, take away from the story because it was those questions that made this story so interesting. I loved the heavy decision that Harry had to make and it was interesting to read about if the means are worth the end. I also loved how people were just not willing to give up their prejudices and that's so true to life, we hang on to prejudices a lot longer than needed and something as horrifying as the war isn't going to instantly wipe them away.

Another question you had was if it made sense and i think it generally did. I liked the sober and formal way the trial was conducted. It was laced with tradition and I think that's how it would have been. I was unsure about Harry revealing his connection with Voldemort. Would Harry tell everyone about that? Would people believe it or would Harry lose credibility because having that link (because he did have part of Voldemort's soul as part of him) with Voldemort might make people very uneasy and uncomfortable. I feel like there would have been a better way to show that they were sure it was Voldemort was behind it. What about bringing up the situation in 2nd year instead? Tom Riddle was behind that and it was the same situation so it would be logical to make the connection.

Another thing i questioned was whether Harry would have access to the jurors so easily. In typical court cases, if there is a recess that is only for that short of time, aren't they put into their own room so there isn't any interference? I realize it was something that had to be there to move the story forward but it did strike me as odd.

Although i really liked how Harry was struggling with his decision to threaten an innocent, albeit, annoying man with Azkaban, there was something about that interaction that didn't seem quite right and i'm having a hard time putting into words exactly what struck me as not weird. I liked the man's reasons to why he wouldn't support Hagrid mostly because they made absolutely no sense and it was twisted. But i felt like that was real and wouldn't change that at all. I believe he was described to be a progressive voter? I think that is what made me not believe that interaction and seemed out of the blue and odd. Maybe if was described as simply a neutral voter or they didn't know where he stood it would have seemed more consistent. That's my own opinion though and i think you really did have great details in that part of the story.

To address you final question about the ending. I'm torn, although I partly think that it doesn't really need to be there as it isn't really progressing the story forward. However, I liked that you explored the power of the Elder wand and there was something really nice about that scene. I especially liked those last few lines and i felt that really summed up the story really well. It was nice to see that human part of it how it closed the story with Harry feeling like he made the right decision because he redeemed his friend. It had a nice closure to it. In the end, whether you keep it or not is your decision.

Thank you for requesting me to read this, it was really a great story and such an interesting premise! You writing tone is really quite lovely and an enjoyable. Although this was a long long one-shot, i didn't really feel like it dragged too much and thought you did a great job with keeping the flow going throughout. Great job.

Author's Response: Wow, such a long and detailed review! I love it!

First off, no need to apologize for the delay. We all have lives away from reading and writing fan fic and it's totally understandable. I'm just glad that you found the time to get to it.

I'm glad that you found it interesting. Like you, I've never seen a fic that addresses this specific topic, so I was excited to take a stab at it. It seems so logical that Hagrid would want this, for his own sake and perhaps to honor his father's memory.

It definitely drifted from a "Hagrid story" to a "Harry story" by the end. It wasn't really what I had in mind when I started, but my train of thought just gravitated in that direction and I decided not to try to redirect it.

Regarding your concern about Harry, I agree that he would have been very careful what he shared with the world about his relationship with Voldemort and especially the horcruxes. At the same time, I have always imagined that the information Harry learned from his connection to Voldemort would have been critical evidence against Death Eaters who tried to claim that they were merely acting under the imperius curse. So I feel like Harry would have had to acknowledge that he was able to see into Voldemort's mind even if he never explained exactly how.

As far as Harry's access to the members of the Wizengamot, I never got the sense from the books that the Wizengamot works like a muggle court of law. It always seemed to me like a combination of a kangaroo court and a drumhead, where who you were -- or perhaps more importantly who your friends were -- was at least as important and your guilt or innocence.

Thanks for your opinions on the ending. As I've gone back and read this a few times now, it feels kind of extraneous, and it definitely makes this more of a "Harry story" than it already is. I may yet change the story to end as Harry and Ginny leave the castle.

Thanks so much for taking the time to write such a great review!

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