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Review:charlottetrips says:
Hi! Here with your requested review from TGS! :) What an apt birthday gift for academica. Not only are you writing her OTP but you also stuck Adrian Brody in your banner! Thatís awesome.

I like this beginning sequence where we have the older Snape wanting a bit of the goodness and innocence that he had in his younger days, when he and Lily were friends. Thereís the tiredness of death and decay thatís present and then that bit of hope that seems tentative but willing to bloom.

His death scene makes me so sad. Even the mention of it here, where Iím present at the final moments of his life and his thoughts are coherent yet not. It makes me sad. I like how youíve kept Severus still having that tinge of anger/hate towards Harry but also that bit of love that he has because of his mother, in that he hopes his memories will save Harry.

LOL, I like how you slipped in that bit about James/SiriusÖthough isnít Sirius/Remus your OTP? (And now that Iíve read your Authorís Note, I get why the mention.)

Sev seemed quick to accept Lilyís presence and quick to be hurt but other than that, I thought you captured his adoration of her quite well. She was his everything and still is. I donít have a handle on Lilyís characterization, mainly because this is from Sevís POV as well as maybe youíve established her more in your other fics, but she seemed at peace with her afterlife and her decision to be there with Severus. She also seemed confident and knew more about what was going on then him (which I guess she does).

I loved your descriptions like this one he felt warmth in the pit of his stomach that spread outward like a sunburst. These just made the story flow and gave it a bit of an ethereal air to it which is appropriate considering that it takes place in the afterlife.

Overall, this was a sweet (as in cool and as in lovely feeling) fic.


Author's Response:

Haha, Adrian Brody was actually Susan's idea but it all worked out well. Amanda was pleased. :)

This ship is so hard for me to write, but seeing the memory sequence in DH2 really sort of got my imagination going, and it was really nice that this fit into my story line for A Cold Heaven. Snape and Lily in the afterlife and being able to reminisce about their childhood, before everything sort of all went downhill.

The death scene was my favorite to write. It was interesting trying to make it coherent enough for the readers to understand, but still rambling and slightly frantic. The anger/hate is more towards James - at least that's what I was trying to get at - since Harry looks so much like him, and he's angry that James took Lily from him, but Harry's eyes (his mother's eyes) are sort of what grounds him to that moment and then he's lucid enough to share his memories with Harry, hoping they will save him.

Yeah, I'm still not quite happy with their dialogue scene but meh. I'm not quite sure how to fix it. It is hard to get things to be perfect in such a short scene. But I'm glad you thought I wrote his adoration well. It was hard for me as a James/Lily shipper to do that, but it's done (and will probably never happen again). Lily has definitely hard time to come to terms with the afterlife. After all, she had been there for over a decade, getting used to its strange quirks and realizing her potential in the afterlife and all that.

Thank you! I did try to work on my poetic flair a little bit :P and I definitely wanted readers to get a feel for the afterlife - which is why I think Susan's banner is perfect. It's so otherworldly. I love it. Thanks for your sweet review. :)

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