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Review:adoranymph says:
first of all, i have to say that i loved the imagery of the accusatory flowers, though i kind of laughed a bit because i suddenly thought of the flowers from alice in wonderland admonishing alice for being the "wrong alice".

i also liked how the scratches on the door reminded him of the shrieking shack, and how the chapter basically begins with him in a terrible inner conflict of indecision. a kind of limbo as you call it, which is a great to begin. what i also liked about here was the interweaving of ghost motifs/ metaphors, which i assume was to tie into the title, yes? and i liked dora's comeback of "i want something to do with you". i knew she was going to say it as soon as remus said that the people who met him always wanted nothing to do with him. i also liked that little bit where you paralleled dumbledore's (supposed) mistake in trusting snape with his trusting remus.

i almost like this better than the version you had of this same scene in your first fic, "the last marauder". just because it focuses so much on remus coming to terms with his humanity and that he is in fact is NOT a monster, and that tonks is helping him to see that again, giving him that hope.

all in all, it was a very satisfying resolution to a previous fic that ended so bleakly. :)

ps. yes, in one of your last reviews, i did mean antidote not anecdote i got the words mixed up in my head. i get words that sound similar mixed up in my head sometimes.

Author's Response: Thanks a mil for the review, really appreciate it!

I'm glad you liked the bit about the accusatory flowers. I didn't think of the Alice in Wonderland reference myself, but now that you mention it, it is pretty funny! ;)

I am glad you liked the Shrieking Shack reference and the idea of Lupin being stuck in limbo (the story came out of that concept really, the idea of being stuck in an indecisive space, unable to move, and then the rest kinda wrote itself, more or less anyway).

I am glad you liked all the ghost metaphors too. Originally, this was a song-fic, based on the song "Heroes or Ghosts" by the Coronas, but after my previous experience of song fics, I decided to remove the lyrics. But I kept all the ghost metaphors because I liked them. I was worried they would be a little out of place, so I am glad you thought they were OK.

Yeah... don't mention the story "The Last Marauder". I've actually grown to hate that fic would you believe! I was so young when I wrote it, that it just makes me cringe now. I had never written anything in my life (aside from stupid short stories in English, the ones the teachers make you write to practice for the JC and LC exams) and I really think the fic shows that inexperience. It's so pathetically simple and predictable, not to mention that the characters are wooden and two dimentional and the writing style is awful. None of the characters or their experiences seem real. I've actually seriously considered deleting it, because I cringe at the thought of people reading it, but it was my first fic and I guess I want to keep it up as a reminder of my younger self, and, at the same time, a reminder of how far I've come since then (or so I hope!). I'm actually working on a Novella, set in more or less the same time-frame as "The Last Marauder" (it actually starts a little earlier, with Lupin marrying Tonks) but it's a completely different fic, and it deals with more issues, like the one discussed here, how Lupin is not a monster, but feels like one etc. I'm much happier with this new fic than I am with "The Last Marauder", but the new fic probably won't see the light of the world wide web for a long time anyway, I promised myself I wouldn't post chapter one until I had 10 chapters written, just so I wouldn't be under constant pressure to update and stuff.

Anyway, thank you so much for reviewing, I really appreciate it. You're so good like that, coming and reviewing all the mental fics I decide to post here, you don't have to by any means, but you do anyway, and I really appreciate that. Needless to say I probably won't be posting anything new this side of the summer anyway. Damn you college work! AH!

Thanks again, seriously, really appreciate it, you're so good.

ps. Don't worry about anecdote, it was just a typo, we all do them, and the spell checker on Word is not "prefect" (get it? hee hee hee)

Thanks again though, really appreciate your feedback.

pps. I don't mind beta reading for you if you still want me to, but just read the message I sent you in the forums first, before you make up your mind :)

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