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Review:Tonks1247 says:
Hello! I have decided that in light of the good mood the beautiful weather outside has put me in, that’d I’d drop by and read and review a little more. So here I am [again]!

I absolutely adore George. He has to be one of my favourite Weasley’s, right up there with Charlie. And why George and not Fred? I’m not quite sure I can say. He’s just…different. Identical twins or not, he has this softer, more creative side to him, compared to his brother who seems to be a little more vocal and obnoxious in his ways. And that really shows through with this chapter and Fred’s. You really give them their own personality and own thoughts. And it’s really amazing.

Focusing on this chapter specifically now, I loved the start. I knew there was some reason for George trying to keep himself awake as all of the Weasley’s sat in the living room; I just wasn’t sure what it was until the clocked chimed. It was then I knew instantly what he was going to do, and I knew Molly wouldn’t be the one to tell the story. I knew it was going to be Arthur, and I knew George would accept that, just for the sake of hearing a story.

I also knew not to expect much out of Arthur’s story. It’s just not within his character to be able to tell long, detailed stories, so I was actually really excited to see how you wrote that. And I will say, my favourite line came right before Arthur actually started the story….Just because it kind of caught me off guard and made laugh:

“Is it about muffins?” Fred said at once, smothering a great yawn. “Erm, no. It’s not about any sort of baked good,” said Arthur, momentarily perplexed.”

Ahaha, leave it to Fred to pull out some random thing like that. Although, it did have the Muffin Man song running through my head…

Anyways, Arthur’s story was fantastic. I like the way you wrote it just because I could see Arthur in my mind struggling to tell the story while his two sons struggled to understand it. I could see the perplexed expressions on their faces and the questions burning in their eyes as their father went on. It really was fantastic.

The morning after the story was also fantastic! I knew George would be finding his own way to act out the story, even with the gaping holes he sense in the story. But I will admit, I did not expect the spoon as a sword. Which was brilliant. You really capture how a 3-year-olds brain works [or so it seems to work]. Especially when adding in the use of the cat as the pretty lady…haha, poor cat. It’s probably scared to death about being around either of the twins…not that I can blame the poor thing…

There was one more thing I was going to mention…oh yeah, the ending. I first of all loved how you had Fred say ‘No thank you,’ to something his mom told him to do. I think this happened in a previous chapter and I forgot to mention it, but it really is brilliant. Because how can a parent fault their child for using their manners? ;)

And of course, I loved George warning his mum about Ron with the spoon. It was just…I totally understood how defeated Molly would feel at that, because even though I don’t have kids of my own, I know that feeling all too well. All you have to do is work with kids for a while and you know that feeling!

While I still have this feeling I’m forgetting to mention something, I’ll be done. This is a pretty long review…but well deserved. So once again, fantastic job!


Author's Response: I definitely agree with you! I'm a multiple myself, and it always sort of bugs me how people are so quick to lump Fred and George together, barely distinguishing their personalities from one another. While I'd be devastated if one of my sisters died, I don't think it'd feel like a piece of me is missing -- and maybe it's because we're not identical, but it just seems unrealistic. :(

-my two Sickles-

This bedtime story idea sort of came to me out of the blue, and I'm quite proud of it, for coming from nowhere. :P Some of the cutest moments of the story, if I do say so myself. Which sounds a bit egotistic. But you know. :P

Thank you so much for leaving these reviews! They probably sound like cheap words, but I really do mean them, very much. ♥ I can't tell you what it means to me!

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