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Review:charlottetrips says:
har here from HPFF Forums with your requested review! Iím going to tell you right off that I have never read a story from Hagridís POV so this is very new to me! I look forward to seeing what lays in store for me with this tale.

His friends show their support in helping him look nice for whatís to come. Thatís so cute. I especially like the part where Hagridís thinking disappointedly that the necktie is too delicate to wipe his mouth with. As Iím reading along, I honestly feel that Iím just reading an extra chapter by JKR. Not that your writing is exactly the same because youíve got your own feel for the story but that the characterization is so spot on and the way you describe the surroundings are so familiar and so detailed. I can tell that you put a lot of thought into this and I really do appreciate the effort because it keeps me on familiar ground and able to be in the story without jarring differences that I have to get used to. Especially since the premise is something that very well couldíve happened after the War.

I get annoyed at Hagridís accent. I can understand why someone would want to put that in there and I admire the fact that you took the time to do that. However, I am still annoyed. I think I was even annoyed in the books. I donít know why.

Interesting that the MoM would be the one to represent the case. One would think that there would be a rule not allowing this. I mean, heís like the Minister, you know? Maybe not all-powerful but certainly having the power to sway.

install himself as the ruler of Wizarding [Britian] - [Britain]

Iím impressed by how formal youíve made the court hearing. Itís so believable because youíve got the language, the formalities and the stiffness one would expect from the Wizengamot. Though I have to say, Iím surprised that Harry would be so open about the fact that he had a telepathic connection to Voldemort. It seems to me that that would be something that he wouldnít really talk about publicly as it was really only known to a very few people.

I like how youíve picked it up from Kingsleyís POV. Again a character I donít often get to hear about. His perception of the scene in front of him shows that he is of keen mind and the fact that he was making private inquiries prior to the hearing to see what it would be like shows more of the loyalty that we were exposed to in the books. I like the silent communication between Doge and him. It shows that they are a team without you having to spell it out for the reader.

In a court of law, would one be allowed to speak to the Jury/Judges? It seems that it would violate some policy or another just due to the fact that things like this could happen, where the defendant or plaintiff could try to sway them to their side. I mean, I like that Kingsleyís got Hagridís best interest at heart (as well as the direction that the Wizarding world is going to go in) but it seems a bit unreal that they would be allowed to do that.

Fleurís comment: ďZey are from zee cafe Ďere, so eat at your own risk,Ē - is so Fleur. Harryís frustration that people would continue to let their prejudice is also so Harry. You can see here that he is still so young yet itís that pure fire that burns within him that allowed him to defeat the darkest Wizard of them all.

Iíd capitalize ďPatronusĒ.

Wow. Youíve managed to bring tears to my eyes in this whole impassioned exchange between Anderson and Harry. The undercurrents to such a simple story is amazing and youíve drawn it out well here. This is a great story (I havenít even reached the ending and donít know what the outcome will be) but itís great because of the issues youíve chosen to bring up here. This is where a kidís book evolves into something more because of the relevance one can see in relation to todayís society or relation to a time that isnít that far off from where we are today. I think youíve nailed it on the point of prejudice and how that claw-like creature can keeps its talons in a government or society far longer than the demise of its head supporter. Go Harry! Look at him! So maybe heís not so naÔve after all :)

LOL, the image of Minerva McGonagall drunk :)

Your insights into the Elder Wand is so true to me as well. Harry is still just a human here but one who has learned to overcome that darker part of him. I mean, he struggled with a part of Voldemort in him for years so I guess he would be able to tamp down on anything the Elder wand threw at him. Nicely done.

I AM IN AWE OF YOU AND YOUR STORY. Seriously! I honestly kind of expected a boring story when I started reading this (ďYeah, Hagrid, great. Iíll read this because I said I would.Ē) but then your writing, the actual story beneath Hagridís hearing and the overall message really got to me. Iím actually favoriting this because of all the above. Well done and please keep writing!


Author's Response: Wow. I'm in awe of the amount of thought you put into this review. You have no idea how much I appreciate it.

I've had the idea for this story in my head for a really long time. I always loved Hagrid and I felt like he got short-changed a lot in Half-Blood Prince and especially Deathly Hallows. Not that he was the only character who got that treatment, mind you, but it's just that he factors so prominently in the escape from Privet Drive and then disappears until the Forbidden Forest at the end. At any rate, I always hoped that he would have a chance to clear his name of the charges that Tom Riddle falsely laid at his feet. Since the Epilogue to DH doesn't really resolve much, I felt the need to take the scenario and run with it.

Hagrid's accent can certainly make things tough to read, but I'm a canon-freak so I really couldn't have gone about it any other way.

I've personally always imagined the Minister of Magic as being somewhat distinct from the Wizengamot, not unlike the Executive and Legislative branches of the US government. He is elected by the Wizengamot and rules with their consent, but his power is distinct and separate. So it didn't feel *that* out of place to me to have him advocate a cause before the body.

As far as Harry revealing his connection to Voldemort, I feel like he would do what was necessary to be able to make Hagrid's case to the Wizengamot. I was careful to not mention the horcruxes because I always felt like that's a secret that the trio would have taken to their graves, aside from a few trusted confidants like the elder members of the Order and maybe Ginny, Neville and Luna.

I am kind of intrigued to go back and consider your point about the /ex parte/ discussions between Team Hagrid and the members of the Wizengamot. I guess it depends on how you think about the wizarding government. From the books, I always got the impression that the Wizengamot was something of a glorified kangaroo court: draped in the trappings of formality, but very open to negotiation and outside influence. Hence men like Fudge.

I am so pleased that you found the conversation between Harry and Anderson moving. That was the part of the story I felt most uneasy about. I wasn't sure it came off as believable enough. That really makes my day!

Thank you so, so much for your awesome review. You've really made my day!

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