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Review:long_live_luna_bellatrix says:
Hi there. Once again, you've demonstrated that you really know how to take a common occurrence, such as a mother-daughter relationship, and make it feel warm and new. This chapter caught the multiple sides both Ginny and Molly have: the energy, temper, adventurous trait, mothering quality, tenderness, and exasperation I've seen in both of them at various points in the books. You took all that on in a short chapter, and certainly got it across.

The details were by far what I liked best about this chapter, which makes sense, because in describing an everyday relationship the details you choose are what will make it extraordinary. The idea that one needs to match a knitting spell with the correct needle is brilliant, and you'd think that everyone would stumble across the the line "sooner fly on a broom than use it to sweep" all over hpff, yet I've never seen it before and it makes perfect sense. It takes talent to take an idea like that and make it seem both new and also so right you're surprised you've never encountered it.

At first I was disappointed that you were painting Molly to be the sort of mother that wants nothing more than to dress her daughter up and use her like a doll, but that evaporated quickly. I can definitely believe that thanks to Molly, Ginny already knew how to tickle the pear when she got to Hogwarts, and it speaks a lot about how Molly lived her life. And all that from one sentence! Amazing.

Another line I adored was this: "I can't help but think that it was the Weasley in him that made him leave but the Prewett part of him which brought him home." Wow :D It's a strong statement, and again, totally believable. There's no doubt that Weasleys have an issue coming back once they've left (Ron in DH, anyone?) and I can see that they'd get that from Molly. Arthur's a bit gentler, sweeter, perhaps easier to mislead, so it has to be Molly that brings that strength to bow your head and admit your wrongs.

I'll pause in my praise to point out this typo: "Molly Weasley either has eyes in the back of her head and can smell a lie a mile away." It looks like that "and" should be an "or," otherwise the "either" is unnecessary. ;)

Finally, as it went on I grew wary that you were focusing so much on Ginny and Molly's relationship, considering your summary indicates a story about the men in Ginny's life. But I should not have doubted you, because you transitioned perfectly into reading the eyes of the one you love, and I couldn't agree more. One could argue that you might want to hint at that earlier, and I'm sure you could, but it worked either way. Above all, you made this prologue work beautifully: it set up Ginny's background and how you want us to see her, yet it obviously ties in with the rest of the story, so we'll know where you're coming from. It's rare to see one of those.

I'll continue onto future chapters when I get a moment. I was not at all surprised that this was a well-written start to a story: it's why I dropped by your page in the first place.

Author's Response: Wow, you leave the most gorgeous reviews, you know that? I would expect such a detailed review if I requested one on the forums (if I was lucky), but to get one like this out of the blue is a real surprise. And a lovely one ,at that!

Thank you for saying that you liked the little details in this! Some of them were hard to come up with because we aren't really given a whole lot about the relationship between Ginny and Molly so I had to make a lot of guesses as to the things that they would have in common and the things they would disagree across. So for you to think that this worked well with the books is a huge compliment.

I don't think that Molly was simple a mother hen. Yes, that was a huge part of her but I think that we were only really shown her motherly concern because of the circumstances the books were written in. She had seven children and there was a war so of course she would have been worried and concerned about her family's safety. However, I think that there is more about her which is why I tried to show the other side of her with how she told Ginny about the pear. I'm glad you liked that!

I'm blushing at how much you liked the Weasley/Prewett sentence. I honestly didn't think it was anything really that special but the way you are going on about it would make anyone smile, so thank you!

Thank you for also pointing out that typo! I completely missed it and I will edit it in once I get around to editing. I'm horrible with editing (I still have typos to fix that were pointed out to me years ago in some of my other stories) but I promise I will get around to it!

The rest of this story will focus on the men in Ginny's life and I understand what you mean about me hinting about the eyes earlier and I will have a think about it! I think part of me wanted to make sure that, yes, I do have the eyes of people you love as a theme to the story but not make it glaringly obvious. I want it more as an undercurrent than an in-your-face theme so I was hesitant at putting too much in the prologue. I will think about what you have said, though!

Thank you so much for all your praise, this review really picked me up and put a huge smile on my face.


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