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Review:charlottetrips says:
Look! You updated so fast! I have to tell you that you’re basically the only WIP that I’m following right now because I normally make it a personal policy to not follow WIPs because I literally die waiting for the author to update and finish the story. So this is a testimony to how HOOKED you have me on this. It’s like my fix.

Ah yes, the shopping expedition. What a fun way to get into awkward moments…

Wait, did I miss Auror Rules #1 somewhere?

Ha, I like how David has taken the fact that his sister and mom chose his clothes for him and made it his own idea (basically). Such a guy thing. And of course he has to think it makes him look intimidating rather than him just liking clothes. That would be un-masculine wouldn’t it?

Oh dear, poor David. What if he actually likes Frankie as a male? Will he be completely whacked out when he finds out Frankie’s a she? This is so going to mess with his head!

Frankie looked unconvinced, shifting in them uncomfortably, and David thought for a moment. He looked all right (more than all right, the voice in the back of his head told him), but something was missing…. Gah! I was like what’s missing is “his” *ahem* and then David thought of a tie :P

*snurfle* I can totally see arrogant David laid low on the floor with a bright red tie around his head!

And who wrote these Auror rules? Some guy full on innuendos? Hello? Rule #8? :) Also I find it funny that David keeps having to refer himself to them. As if they’re the ruling point of his life…which they probably are.

I love all the sister banter you’ve put in here. I know in my last review I mentioned that I didn’t really know Lettie and Clemence but I feel like I do now. Clemence has got sass and a “real” point of view on life while Lettie’s got her head in the clouds. It’s fun to have such varied people to read about.

I personally think it’s very normal to eat all the crisps. In fact, you’ve now made me interrupt my reading to go and get my own bag to munch on! *crunch, crunch*

OMG, Harry can’t even tell? I would think someone could see through it and be able to be an extra confidant besides her sisters.

I liked the scene between the Aurors. It was just what I’d think I’d see in some wizard crime movie.

You’ve moved us along quite well to the point where there’s feelings there for David and Frankie. I’m a little afraid of what Harry’s reaction is going to be in finding out Frankie’s a girl or if she’ll even tell him!

Thank you so much for updating!


Author's Response: I have always, ALWAYS wanted to do a clothing montage like in a movie, but you would not believe how hard they are to write omg. You can't really get the same feel as in a movie haha. But seeing has David's already stuck his hand down her pants, I feel like shopping together is really just the next step.

David is really just... he's the spoiled youngest child, the only boy, dragged around by his mother and older sister and as a result, he's actually pretty well-mannered and just a bit of a jerk. He's also just one of those men that is extremely well-dressed, mostly because he's that good-looking that what he wears almost doesn't matter, but he wears clean, tailored things, just like his sister always told him to. Basically the Zara Young Men's Lookbook will always have at least one outfit David would wear lol.

I wonder if David could actually fall for Frankie as another guy? Do you think it's possible?

Haha, the Auror rules came to me on a really weird day and I haven't been able to get rid of them. You didn't miss rule #1, I'm just listing them as they come up. And the Aurors themselves are a bit of a weird group, so once you meet them, the rules might make more sense.

Like i said, Lettie and Clemence are two of my favorites and also a very easy way to get Frankie to see some other perspectives on her situation!

Poor Harry. If only you knew how busy he is trying to do things without a secretary. Honestly, Harry didn't realize that Prof. Moody was taking Polyjuice Potion for a whole /year/, so when he's in this sort of tired state, it was actually probably kind of easy for Frankie to fool him with a little glamour charm on her chest. That being said, what Frankie's mum said is right: she can't let a lie ruin such a good thing. I think telling Harry is definitely her best bet for keeping this job.

Haha yes! Feeelingsss~ Not that either of them would ever admit it, silly people. Ah well, all in good time. Perhaps.

Sorry for this novel-length response, haha. I just get babbling sometimes. Thanks so much for your review and support of this story!


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