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Review:NaidatheRavenclaw says:
Hello there!

I'm quite ashamed to say that I've never really read one of your stories, other than odd chapters here and there for review battles and the like, but when I saw that you had written a Potterwholock, the inner fangirl in me just wouldn't let me stay away. So in addition to being the first story I've read of yours, it is also my first crossover, and I have to say that I am completely blown away.

It's hard enough to get characters in one fandom right. But characters in three fandoms, all of which have incredibly complex characters and plots, is absolutely amazing. I have to admit that I wasn't expecting you to be able to write Sherlock well. He's just done too perfectly in the show. But you wrote him absolutely perfectly. I honestly felt like I was reading the script for the latest Sherlock episode. The way you write his dialogue, especially with John and Mycroft feels like I'm reading what Moffat and Gattiss have written. It really is incredible.

And then the Doctor. I had even less expectations for him, to be honest, because he's so quirky and yet so.Doctorish that I would think he would be impossible to write. And yet again, I was proven wrong. As soon as he stepped out and introduced himself, I felt like i was in the tv show. You fit the "bowties are cool" in perfectly, and I love that this is mostly Rory and not a lot of Amy. I'm not a fan of Amy at all, but I love Rory so you made my inner fangirl squee when the Doctor and Rory ditched *cough* I mean, left her in the TARDIS :P You've somehow managed to portray his whole quirky, "I'm the Doctor" persona through his actions and dialogue, and I'm quite literally blown away by how accurate it was. Once again, felt like I was reading a script from the show.

And the way you melded the three fandoms together was so seamless. I really love that the Doctor knew about magic and wizards. He knows about everything, so why not that! And I like that wizards know about other galaxies and planets and such as well. I've honestly never thought about that, but the way you wrote it made it make so much sense. And Rory reading John's blog was the perfect finishing touch. It just brought the three fandoms together in such a way that I believed that they all existed in the same world. One of the main reasons I've never read crossover is because I feel like the rules of any two worlds wouldn't mix well, but here, you've managed to make them blend seamlessly.

And then (last thing here, I promise!) I love the monster you picked. The Weeping Angels have to be my all time favorite Doctor Who monster (the ones from Blink, though, not the weird redone ones from Flesh and Stone), so I shivered as soon as you brought up moving statues (actually, I was rather proud of myself for getting that right away :P I'm usually the reader that doesn't get it until you say it explicitly) And now that I think about it, it is the best monster to bring all three worlds together. Some of the more animal like monsters just wouldn't fit in well with the Wizard and Sherlock worlds, but these seemed like something both the Ministry of Magic and Sherlock would investigate. Ooh, I'm also really looking forward to see the dynamic between Sherlock and the Doctor continue, because I love it so far!

Aha, sorry, I lied, THIS is the last thing. I'm super, super interested with the sideplot of Terry being sent back in time. That was a bit of a surprise, but I am super interested to see how he comes back, just because there's both timeturnes with the Ministry and the TARDIS. I think Terry would be rather shocked with a big blue box materializing right in front of him, but at the same time, I would love to see the Doctor's dialogue at that point.

I absolutely adored this so far, and I can't wait to read on! You've done such a fabulous job with blending all three fandoms together. I'm super impressed. And my inner fangirl has never been happier :D Sorry for this long ramble that you had to read through :P


Author's Response: Ah, thank you so much! And I apologise for taking SO long to respond to this (there really is no excuse for this, I let my reviews get way out of hand) but coming back and finding this gem of a review (albeit nearly three years later) was awesome!

I'm glad you think I got Sherlock and the Doctor in character - they are very tricky to pull off, so it's really gratifying that I've done that, and that you feel like you're reading a script from the show - that's really high praise, so thank you!

Plot has never been my strong point, so I'm really glad I managed to tie these three fandoms into a cohesive kind of storyline (even though I don't remember what that storyline was...) I do find a lot of crossovers are sort of clumsily done, so I'm glad I could combine these universes in a way that makes sense.

I agree, the Weeping Angels are my favourite monsters as well (especially the Blink ones, I wasn't a fan of Flesh and Stone either) Thanks so much for the review!

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