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Review:explosion says:
So yesterday I stumbled across this story and even before I started reading it I thought: I'm going to love this story so much. So I started reading this story at like... 9pm or something and I stayed up until 3am finishing it. And then, when I finished it I decided to check and see if I got into my number one college online and i DID! So, this story is officially a part of my life now, and I'm obsessed with it too.

That being said, I love this story, a lot. The characters are amazing. Your writing is really great too. Like I really love your descriptions. You have them in there, but they're not too much or too little. And the way you describe feelings is brilliant. Really, really brilliant.

I do have on /small/ issue and that is with Aria. She is fairly selfish in my opinion, and she picks fights with Jett (who I'm in love with) for no reason. It's like she just wants to be mad and complain. Oh and I hate when she complains about how beautiful she is. It kind of annoys me because it's a bit.. ignorant.

Alright, I probably worded that really bad and made it sound like I was bashing Aria but I swear I'm not trying to be mean about it. I still like reading her as a character and I find her hilarious and your writing is fantastic it's just a small issue which I probably shouldn't bring up because I really don't want to insult you. I STILL LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCH AND I WOULDN'T HAVE STAYED UP TILL 3AM READING IT IF I HATED IT!

Okay, I really hope you don't hate me, and you're a really talented writer, alright? Don't forget that ever. You have an amazing way with words.


Author's Response: Ah, wow! Really? I can't believe you read it straight through! And that's awesome about your college - I'm so happy for you! I just got into my number one school a few months back so I can understand the excitement. I literally jumped up and down and screamed when I found out :) I'm glad my story could be a part of that!

Gosh, so many amazing compliments. Um, how can I say thank you enough? I guess I've always been the most confident in my ability to write emotions, so I'm glad you find them so "brilliant." Characterization and details are a little bit tougher for me, so thanks so much for mentioning them.

I completely understand your issue with her. She is definitely selfish, and I intended for her to be that way. So good job picking that up. I don't know that she /picks/ fights with Jett (I'm in love with him too) as much as she just fights with him. I don't think she's necessarily looking for one so much as it just... happens. She's really rather high strung and almost a bit OCD about things. Like she always has to be in control of everything. As far as the being mad and complaining goes, I guess that kind of stems from all of her emotions being heightened. You know how the books say when Veelas get really angry they turn into those ugly bird creature things? It just makes sense to me that every emotion would be heightened, not just anger. Haha, maybe that just makes sense to me. My brain can be very strange some times. :o So yeah, she does get really mad a lot, but I guess it's not really her fault. For her "beauty" thing, I'll be getting into that later on as I've got some plans for it. I guess this is a little bit of me coming into the character, though. I don't mean it to sound ignorant, it's just that you really get sick and tired of everyone just noticing your looks. I just went to one of my mom's work parties, and when I met all of her co-workers, the first thing they all said was, "Oh, you're so pretty!" And I'm thinking, "Um, really? You don't want to congratulate me on getting into one of the top ten universities in the country?" So I don't know, it just bugs me. Like I said, I don't mean for it to sound ignorant... well, you'll see later. Does she complain about that a lot, though? I haven't noticed. I'll have to go back in and take a look :)

Seriously, don't worry about it! This was such a lovely review! You have not offended me at all. In fact, I'm very grateful. Thank you so much for all of the kind words. All right, this is getting ridiculously long now, but I hope I helped to clarify some things for you. Anyway, thanks again!

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