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Review:Snapdragons says:
OH MY GOD THE DOCTOR AH! Fangirl moment over. But oh oh oh, I love Eleven. Ten will always be my Doctor, but Eleven's just something special. ♥

Okay. Where to begin with this very very very exciting chapter?

Oh yes! Of course! The statues! They followed him, didnít they, John? Followed him and zapped him into another dimension!.but actually. AWKWARD. Sherlock isn't wrong very often but... Terry doesn't follow all the rules of physics. MAGIC FOR THE WIN. (and time travel)

Actually, that made me think about something. It's actually going to be pretty cool, seeing the dynamic and power shifts between the three - Sherlock's almost at a disadvantage, because while he's absolutely brilliant, he's also limited by his insistence on what he knows as real. Because in this world, things don't always follow the regular rules. "You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling..."

(did I just make an Inception reference? Why yes, yes I did. Clearly if any, this would be the fic to do. What's one more universe, right?)

Oh thank God! There's a way out for Terry! Sending all my love to the Department of Mysteries. TIME TURNERS! Brill. You bring that Ministry to you, Terry. :P Phew. Super interested to see how his arc turns out...

And then THE DOCTOR COMES. I shall attempt to refrain from fangirling further... but I have to say, despite my love for Ten, I think Eleven's probably the most fun to read about. You did an awesome job capturing the way he speaks, if that makes sense - I feel like he's got almost a sort of rhythm to his speech that you showed here that just made it seem that much more in character. Excellent job!

All right, but don't say you didn't ask. I'm a time travelling alien come to save you from the statues. When all else fails... tell the truth!

I think Sherlock's going to have some issues with the Doctor at first. Sherlock is very detail oriented, very precise... and well, I don't think the Doctor is nearly as much. ;)

Oh my God, this is going to be such fun. I know I keep saying that but it is, honestly! This story is so /exciting/. And it just makes me so happy to read - pacing is excellent, story line is brilliant, and you're managing to melt these three very different universes into one.

Plus, it satisfies the rabid fan in me.

You are brilliant and this chapter is brilliant and I will forever be in awe of you because you're able to write this and do it justice. ♥ This is definitely my new favorite story.

Author's Response: That's right. You love Eleven. I will slowly convert you to my ways.

That bit actually makes me laugh, and I wrote it. It's one of those awkward-Sherlock moments where he ridicules something that actually ends up being important. Kinda like Bluebell the rabbit, except not quite.

YES. I'm in an overly Sherlock fangirly mode at the moment, so it pains me to know that he's actually not the be all and end all of intelligence and knowledge here, it's actually the Doctor. But you're right - it will change all the time depending on the situation, and even the more minor characters will have their chance to shine because of their different strengths, so that's going to be super fun to play around with.

(there is no way on this earth I'm adding another universe to this fic. Though I'm flattered you think I could. Could you imagine if I tried to Inception things up? It's like the Sherlockverse is the real world and then the DWverse is level 1 of a dream and the HPverse is layer 2 and what's next, Alice in Wonderland? Okay, stop. I am not going down this road)

I'm interested to see how his story turns out as well, because at this stage I don't know. I do plot by the seat of my pants. But it'll work.


That's an interesting aspect to point out. I've always imagined the biggest issue with them is the fact that NO ONE CAN COMPETE WITH SHERLOCK'S MASSIVE INTELLECT - OH WAIT THE DOCTOR CAN. TENSION.

I am thrilled that you're enjoying it, and that I'm doing these ridiculously different and amazing fandoms justice. That makes my day/week/year/life. Thank you so much!

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