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Review:MagicallyClumsie says:
Before I begin: This will be the holy mother of reviews, at least out of my reviews, I've been tending to just read and get on with the next chapter lately, I may have to go review things that I haven't yet to make them feel loved beside the point, I love this! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE times infinity and beyond(Toy Story reference was key in that) now on to the review!

Snowball Fight: Classic!!! :DD I loved it, quite wonderful "FOR GRYFFINDOR!" Can totally picture that in my head, all though I would be at the bad end of that seeing as I'm in Ravenclaw according to Pottermore.

Rose: Enjoyed that I did, yes the Yoda speak was totally necessary, but I enjoy Rose/Scorp a lot.

Bink/Meta: I don't get them at all, and Meta's a bitch, but a bitch with good come backs. Tell Bink to learn some new ones.

Javery pt 1: D'AWWWE!!! That. Was. So. Frikin. Adorable! That is all.

Dan/Libby: Well isn't that odd, at least Libby has the guts to call him out on it. Good for her, even though I wanna push her off a cliff.

Bink/Haley: Oh Haley, how I adore thee. I love that she won't let Bink get in her pants like most people think that she would, in my mind she is to Avery as Bink is to James. You get it right?

Quidditch: Ok, that was effin GREAT. "Bink let out a masculine war cry. Which also might have been a mating call. I couldn't quite tell" Best. Line. Ever.

Javery prt 2: Ah Aves. Learning the art of using sex as a gift. and James learning the art of sentimental gift giving. I'm proud.

Draco/Astoria: D'aweee.I love how he proposed, that's just..Draco. A lighter side to Draco Malfoy, just wonderful :3

Fred II/OC: Why do you keep putting him with women that aren't me, I don't get it ;D But that aside, I enjoy this. I love Fred's impulsiveness it brings out Fred in him, again if you get that.

Albus/Paloma: I love Paloma and how she wears the pants in that relationship, just saying. But Albus needs to stop worrying about his, for lack of better words, geekyness it's cute.

Lily/Wesley: I never realized how awesome the Mini Jordan was. Wonderful! and Lily's gift = Best Gift Ever. Stealing that idea next Christmas.

Author's Response: LOOK AT THIS REVIEW. LOOK AT IT. This is fantastic and godzilla-sized! Wow, this is really great! Seriously! I am in awe! I'm so happy you enjoyed it! It took me longer than I thought it would, but it was well worth it!

Snowball fight: Hey, I'm a Hufflepuff so don't you worry. I decided on that line based off Lord of the Rings actually :)

Rose: Glad you enjoyed it! One of these days I'll do a story with them. I've avoided it for so long just because everyone assumes it'll be that way in every story.

Bink/Meta: I adore them. And loathe them. They crack me up though. I'll let Bink know.

Javery: Aw, thank you!

Dan/Libz: I'd also like to push her off a cliff. Among other things.

Bink/Haley: I totally get it :) And I agree. Haley likes to have her fun, but she's not easy and she has emotions. She just keeps them tucked away. She has an entire backstory that will never come out.

Quidditch: Thank you! ILOVE THAT LINE.

Javery: I'm proud of them too. Which is rare ;)

Draco/Astoria: I always struggle with the idea of writing Draco just because I think you have to have so much backstory/internal conflict to really do a good job, but I enjoyed this snippet.

Fred II/OC: I'm sorry! I'll fix it! Well, sometime ;)

Al/Pally: Paloma I love. She's like...this strong amazon woman with a very soft feminine air about her. And Albus just eats it up.

Lily/Wes: I'm glad you like Wes! He'll get some more air time in BTQC toward the end and in the sequel!

Thank you so much for the wonderful amazing review! I really appreciate it!

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