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Review:blueirony says:
This is my apology review to you. I reviewed your story Never Mix Apparating and Drinking and, me being me, I completely got the tone of that review wrong. I still feel so bad about it! I really do. I really hope that it didn't make you feel horrible because I can assure that it was not my intention. But let's leave that horrendous review aside, yeah?

You know, after reading this, I was quite thankful that I had acted like a total idiot when reviewing your other story. Because it meant that I could read another one of your stories. And this story was just brilliant.

I try not to let the challenges that a story is written for affect my reviewing of it too much because it is easy to become biased. So I didn't read the challenges until the very end but I couldn't help but think that this story fit all of them very well. I don't know the exact details of them but I hope that you did place well in them! Because this was just dark. And creepy. And amazing.

I think you set the tone for the whole story extremely well in the first paragraph. You used words like "hid" and "secrets" and it just sort of... I don't know, it just made me think of the dark common room in green and silver and it was creepy. And I loved it.

It continued on in that creepy way. The way the prefect was bored with the essay and how he hated his mudblood professor who had assigned the essay. At no point did you make me feel like this was a happy, cheery story and that was so well written on your part. I envy authors who can do creepy well and you have been added to that list.

Bellatrix was a joy to read in this. It's almost frightening to think how much hate she has when she is just eleven years old, but at the same time, it fit. We don't know a lot about Bellatrix other than the fact that she is basically insane, and you had that insanity displayed really well in her character here, especially when she was so young. I think you managed to 'tailor' her insanity to her age which you should be proud of. It wasn't as though you just transferred the usual Bellatrix craziness into her character here, I can tell you thought about her age here and it showed. Particularly in her initial hesitation and how she thought that the idea was cruel. Adult Bellatrix would never think that. So well done on you part for that!

Can I also say how much I loved the descriptions while she was hacking away at the voodoo doll? I really don't know what that says about me as a person, haha, but I thought they were excellent. Angry, gruesome, graphic and just... argh, so creepy and kind of scary, but so good at the same time. I don't know how you did it but it was awesome.

I also loved how cool and collected the prefect was in this. I didn't even need to know who the prefect was, it was more his presence that jarred me than anything. He was almost delighted with the idea of the voodoo doll and he was just so calm throughout this story. That was so creepy. It's scary to think how someone as young as he is could be so thrilled with the ideas you presented forward in this story but I loved it and it fit the story well.

The voodoo doll idea itself was an interesting one. When you first introduced the idea of a voodoo doll, I'm not going to lie, I did think it was childish. But you mangaed to create something quite horrible from it and it fit the mood and tone of the story. It is a clever way and very Slytherin. It didn't cause any really harm but would certainly unsettle the muggle born in question (I can't bring myself to write mudblood!) and that seems Slytherin-esque to me. Subtle, sly but very cruel.

That last line, when Bellatrix is "cheerful" and skipping is just... God, she's really insane. I can't believe that an eleven year old can be so happy after doing what she had done, but she is and that incredulity that I am feeling as a reader is a strength of your writing. You had me shaking my head at Bellatrix throughout this and that's the exact way I felt about her while reading the books.

Whether you write another chapter to this or not, I am happy. This is something you should be very proud of. And I'm not just saying that because I feel horrible about my other review, I would be saying the exact same thing if I had just come across this story randomly. Believe that.


Author's Response: Thank you thank you thank you! I think this is one of the best reviews I've ever gotten! It made me a smiley and giddy! What horrendous review? All I see is one ginormous-ly awesome review that's worth like 5 or 10 reviews ;) You've more than made up for something you didn't even have to make up for :P For that... THANK YOU!

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