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Review:Toujours Padfoot says:
Homg, Mel, your imagery is to die for. The Demiguises are AMAZING. And the bit about their fur being used for invisibility cloaks - is that canon? Because it sure as heck sounds like it could be. The detail of what they look like, with their iridescence and how they all frolic but don't really function separately, existing as many parts of a whole - it was like chocolate for the eyeballs. The way you portray Luna is so...pretty...that's the best word I can think of - that you could update this story once a year and I would still love it. I also loved how Luna sees Rolf, with colors. It's like she sees his soul written across his face. She reminds me a little bit of Dumbledore in the way that she seems to x-ray people, and she can tell a good egg from a bad egg at once. You really can't hide yourself from someone like Luna. She has a mind that's impossible to decode, and I almost don't want to try, because she's the best kind of enigma; and somehow her brain connects things together in a whimsical fashion and makes even the most ordinary things seem striking. I'm envious of that and wish I could borrow some of that quality for myself.

Professor Davin got on my nerves a bit; it's clear that he doesn't have the same awe for wildlife or the same appreciation for anything beautiful that Luna and Rolf have. His brain is so narrow and two-dimensional, focused on his book, that he literally does not stop to smell the roses. To quote a line from my favorite movie - all of the facts, none of the flavor. I can see that creative differences between Rolf and Davin could cause trouble in the future, especially if Luna's dreamy influence persists in Rolf's life. It's so much better to be carried away with the imagination, seeing the world in bright colors like Luna does, than to look at everything under a lens and take notes. You are a scrooge, Davin.

/end rant

"You know something Barney," she said quietly to the large dog, "your master is a good man."
- I love this line. It says so much about Luna. She estimates people in traits, it seems, and takes nothing at face value. Just like she can see sour qualities in Davin despite knowing him for a very short period of time, she can sense inherently that Rolf is a good man. ♥

They're going to dinner together! Hooray! I hope Luna's presence and her way of looking at everything reaffirms that the way Rolf sees things is the right way, and Davin is only going to bog him down in the mud. Show that nasty Davin who's the better naturalist! Hooray for Luna! Hooray for Rolf! Boo for Davin! I hope Rolf writes his own book and Davin gets no sales on his and the world tells him he sucks.


Author's Response: Sarah. Stop. Literally. Huge smile on my face, and verging on Rachel blobiness right now.

First let me apologize for the horrible amount of time this review has sit unanswered. Secondly, let me apologize for not updating this story in a million and a half years. I really do plan on finishing it eventually, it just takes a lot of effort to write and wasn't something I could handle during the school year.

The Demiguises were so much fun to write, and the bit about their fur being used as invisibility cloaks it totally canon. I'm not clever enough to come up with something like that. :P I think you may be the only person who has pointed out the way luna sort of sees Rolf in colors. The way you describe it, like she sees his soul in the contours of his face and the shad of his eyes... that's gorgeous and I don't knw if I ever fully was aware of that until now, but it's very true.

Luna is a bit of an Enigma. I would be lying if I told you I completely understood her motivations behind all her thoughts and actions, because I don't. I have a very light grasp of her character. She really does sort of write herself. A lot of her fluidity and ability to appreciate the unappreciable was inspired by a teacher I had in high school who always tried to teach us to see the beauty in the everyday. I don't know if I ever fully understood that until I started writing this story, but Luna makes me want to be a better person.

Your rant on professor Davin (H) I really don't think he's an awful person, and I do identify with him a lot on a personal level and use him as a critique of myself on a small level. I think he wouldn't be a terrible guy on his own, but in comparison to the the simple beauty of Luna.

Barney is such a foil for the development of Rolf and Luna's relationship. :P

I love that you loved this chapter and hope the tenters and hooks I've left you on aren't terribly uncomfortable. I will be updating this in the near future -- I'm feeling inspired. :)


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