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Review:perceval says:
In response to another review... The way you had Harry view Ginny is actually very Canon. He DID treat her like an easily breakable china doll, wanting her locked safely in the tower while everyone else fought. He never showed any trust in her abilities the way he did Hermione and Luna.

Not that JKR did Ginny any favors in that regard. Of all the Sextet, Ginny's the only one who wasn't given a Moment of Awesome in the battles, pretty much justifying Harry's lack of faith in Ginny's abilities to contribute. Given how much JKR praised Ginny in interviews, I'm sure that wasn't her intent, and the movies let Ginny do stuff. But yeah, in the books, Harry DID treat Ginny a lot like Edward treated Bella, and he didn't have the excuse of "She's just a helpless normal human."

Speaking of which, being a normal human doesn't make one helpless. Bella's supposed to be smart, so would it have killed Meyer to let her outsmart an adversary at some point in the series, to show the reader what makes her so special to Edward?

But, kudos for having Harry & Edward realize they're being jerks in their own relationships from observing the others'.

Oh, and it's not like wizards are completely helpless against Meyerpires. Reducto curses demolish stone, so they'd have the same effect on Meyerpires. Plus, Meyerpires are very flamable, so an Incindio might not KILL them if they're not in pieces, but it would be... very inconvenient and painful to them. Or. are they trying to find less lethal and, well, messy methods?

Author's Response: I do think that Harry underestimated Ginny at points in the series; although, not entirely on purpose. Obviously, Harry has had a lot of issues with loss and I think that with Ginny, his relationship has always been a bit different. One of their first major interactions with one another was when he saved her in The Chamber of Secrets. I feel as though he might have developed a thought process where he always feels like he has to protect her, unlike with Hermione or Ron who are more equals because of their greater involvement since the very beginning. You make an interesting and accurate point that J.K. didn't really give Ginny a moment of awesomeness (I love the phrasing) like all of the other characters, although I'm certain, as well as you are, that she wanted Ginny to be a female character of empowerment.

I agree that Bella is out-shown by all of the vampires that surround her. Her character is meant to be smart and brave and willing to do anything for love but she is never really given an opportunity to shine until she is immortal, which I think is unfortunate. Bella is probably one of my least favorite characters in all honesty for that reason.

Haha, thank you! Even though I believe that Harry and Edward are different in many respects, I think they both have a self-sacrificing tendency. They're very protective of the people they care about and are willing to take full responsibility and action just to keep someone else safe. I believe that it's important for both characters to realize this.

Haha, I'm certainly of the belief that the Potter characters have the ability to take on the meyerpires. However, in a way, they are still rather inexperienced. They have all been through a war, yes, so they are at least somewhat skilled at fighting and defensive strategy, but this is a species that they are not trained at all to fight. Not only that but they are aware that these are vampires that worked with Lord Voldemort and (some of which) used to be wizards and witches themselves. Using incindio and reducto would of course be inconvenient and painful (certainly effective, as well) but not as efficient. I do intend to include these spells, which the wizards are already well-familiar with, but as Harry alludes to and as you also mention, a battle would be much messier if it were to consist of only those spells. Harry especially is trying to find something that will be immediately effective and allow for the best opportunity for the wizards to succeed. I do agree with you whole-heartedly that the wizards are in no way helpless against the vampires, but yes, they are searching for the best possible method to win the fight, especially considering their lack of experience with such an opponent.

Thank you so much for your lovely comments and for reading!!

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