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Review:academica says:
Hey Susan! I'd been meaning to read this for a while (hooray underloved characters!) but just hadn't found the time :)

This is an interesting take on Peter. I see the desire to prove himself, which has come up in fanfiction I've read before, but there's a new dimension in your emphasis on his Animagus form. The comparison is typically that of a rat to a traitor, but here I see him as someone who is proud of the form he chose and in despair over the fact that no one else sees its merit -- and thus, his merit. You've given him all new depth here.

I could see all the tiny comparisons between Peter and the others here, and it was so fascinating to witness. Did I detect a tiny parallel between the conversation about Snape and the presence of a traitor hiding out right under the girls' noses? (Perhaps that's merely my Snivelly senses tingling. Hah.) I did like the attention to the comparison between the sisters. It's the first time I've really seen a contrast between Narcissa's comfortable life and Bellatrix's endless "dirty work" depicted in fanfiction, and I think it's quite accurate. I enjoyed watching them turn on one another subtly, with Bellatrix's needling about Narcissa focusing on the enrichment of the "next generation" of Death Eaters and Narcissa's train of thought about Bellatrix's boring, unloving home life. It's a nice change from my typical vision of Narcissa, which shows her as being almost wholly submissive to Bellatrix until the end.

The suspense here was really tangible, too. While I enjoyed the conversation between the two women and the running train of Pettigrew's thoughts, I couldn't help but continually think, "oh no, he's right there, Dobby will catch him!" Hah.

Wonderful! Glad I finally got a chance to check it out :)


Author's Response: Thank you for coming to review, Amanda! It's always a pleasure to hear your opinions. ^_^ Although this story is a "meh" one for me, I'm still glad to hear what people have to say about it - either it's not so bad as I've convinced myself, or they'll mention the one thing that it's missing, even a by-chance reference can inspire Merlin-knows-what. :D

Peter having the rat form is a fascinating thing to me - I know that on a basic level, JKR is using it to reflect his characteristics as a Death Eater, but there has to be something more to it too. Not only is she very deliberate about such details, but Peter had the form chosen for him - I wonder what it is inside a person that leads them to gain a particular form. It's very like the way that the wand chooses the wizard - instinct and personality are both very complex things, and details that may seem just like details have to have more meaning to them. But in this case, instead of merely seeing the rat form as a negative thing, I wanted to capitalize on its positive aspects - small size, quick movements, an animal that people don't like to notice. It makes him the perfect spy, for either side, and thus makes Peter useful. :) I'm glad that you like the depth he has in this one-shot - I didn't feel like I had enough grasp of his character while writing, but it's great to hear otherwise!

No, you're right about the Snape connection - Peter sees that, socially, he could have been an outcast like Snape had he 1) not been sorted in Gryffindor or 2) not been accepted by James and Sirius as a friend/follower. Had they chosen otherwise, Peter would have been another Snape.

I'm really glad that you like my portrayal of the Black sisters. This was my first major foray into their characters and I really enjoyed writing them and fleshing them out. It's all based on canon information, but I wanted to give a new perspective on them at the same time. After HBP and DH, Narcissa became fascinating for me - not just the pretty/petty wife of Lucius and spoiling mother of Draco, but someone with considerable strength of will and personality - definitely a force to be reckoned with! :D

Thank you very much for such a lovely review! Wow, it means a lot that you were so positive about this story - I'm very pleased that you enjoyed it!

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