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Review:Hello says:
This was a very entertaining story. I like what you've done with the last chapter...I think you managed the realism that you were going for. A happy ending, after what happened in the last chapter, would have been completely unrealistic.

I've read a few of your stories now, and they are all well done. That said, I can't help but comment on how personally unlikeable your Draco and Hermione are. You have 2 protagonists who routinely lie and cheat in every story in which they are paired together. I guess that could be a part of the realism for which you strive, but it always leaves me partially hoping that they get a taste of their own medicine.

I assume that you like both characters; why else would you pair them together? But if you like them, why do you always have them living in a moral vaccuum? I mean, Draco is cheating on his pregnant fiancee and breaks up with her right after a miscarriage. Draco fan-girls aside, who else reading this fic would come away hoping that he ends up with a happy ending?

As for Hermione, if she doesn't love Ron anymore, fine. But don't lie and stay in a marriage that you don't believe in. It's clear that Ron still loves her, so why are you leading him on for 6 years? And don't tell me it's for the children, because that didn't stop her from having an affair with Draco later on. And the way Hermione treats her kids here is...disgusting. It just feels like Hermione takes actions without caring how it will affect her children...but if her children aren't happy with her she lashes out at them for not knowing all the facts. She acts like her children have no right to feel their own feelings, even when Hermione herself is living her own life trying to spark a passion she hasn't had for a while. That's called hypocrisy. Like I said, I don't mind if she divorces Ron when she's not happy.

But to slap Rose right after she tells her about the divorce? Hermione, usually children get upset when they hear their parents are going to get divorced. Couple that with the fact that she's a teenage girl, you don't think she's going to yell and try to hurt the person who hurt her? That was just an awful display by Hermione. Add to that the fact that what Rose was saying wasn't all that off-base...Hermione *was* the other woman, and she *was* having an affair. Perhaps Hermione was right in that Rose didn't know all the facts, but that's Hermione's fault for trying to sneak around. Rose is very smart, and to think that she can't put 2 and 2 together is wishful thinking.

Some would say that Hermione put aside her own desires for her children when she stayed with Ron for 6 years, but that is not true. The marriage was a sham. She stayed with a man she didn't love when she was already in love with another man. That's not exactly the path to a happy family; you can't tell me Rose and Hugo are better off for Hermione's actions.

Another strange theme in your stories is that Ron always stays in love with Hermione, no matter what she does, but Hermione always falls out of love for him (on those few occassions where she actually was *in* love with him in the first place) with little effort. I don't know if that's some conceit of romance to bolster the heroine--she's so desireable that no man can ever forget her--but that approach is somewhat demeaning of Ron...he can only be happy with a woman who doesn't love him and who cheats on him.

So, after this long-winded review, your stories are entertaining and well-written...but I can't read too many at once because I can't help but feel I need to take a shower afterwards. I love the HP books because I always felt that Harry, Ron, Hermione, etc. would make great friends were they real. But after reading this Hermione and Draco, I can't help but be glad that I don't know them at all.

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