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Review:1917farmgirl says:
Bro - I've been trying to write a review to this fic for hours, but I just can't! First I was laughing so hard I was crying and couldn't see the screen, and now, after reading it for like the fourth time I just can't write a review that does this story justice! I...I don't know what to say, but I guess I'll try to do my best.

First of all, I am beyond delighted with my present! This story...I haven't laughed this hard at a Harry Potter story since reading the books themselves! This is, hands down, my favorite HP fic ever!! It was perfect! So, so, so many things I loved to pieces! I want to mention them all, but there's just too many! I don't even know where to start! (another reason I've been trying to write this review all night - how do you sum up a masterpiece like this in one little bitsy review? Everytime I try to read it again to get my review ready, I just end up laughing my head off, not writing a review!)

It's totally and completely your fault if I have to call in to work sick tomorrow because I laughed so hard I made myself sick!

Eldy, you AMAZE me! Completely! I always knew you could write humor - everything you write has humor in it, but this was something else. I think it's just the way you did it, so natural. They were just a family, acting like families do, and that's why it worked - why it was so funny. You didn't try too hard. And I loved it, absolutly loved it.

Wow, this review is very rambly.sorry! But I can't help it! I can't focus - to much to say before I forget it, or start laughing again.

Can you forget this Crusadeverse business and write Sillyverse stuff all the time? *bats eyes* Okay, so I don't really mean that, because I love Crusadeverse...but can't you find a way to meld the two? You write the twins better than anyone! They are so natural and real and I love reading them, so you've got to do it more often! PLEASE?!?!?!?!

Harry and Hermione were incredible. I love the brother/sister relationship you have going between the too, and I always KNEW that Hermione had the brain and skills to one-up the twins if she could just get over that rule-keeping stage. And Harry's no slouch at rebellion himself.

Dragon-tipping - YOU HAVE TO WRITE THAT STORY!!! Yes, that was in caps on purpose, to emphaze my strong feelings on the matter. It will be epic! Dragonsized, if I dare say so!

I love how you keep referenceing all these little things that make them perfectly in character and seem real - last year's lights and Hermione finally telling Harry exactly who fixed them, Molly and Ginny's battles (LOL), Fred trying to trick Hermione with which twin he is, SPEW (and HTCWYW is brilliant)...

And the Mini Quidditch Pitch - INSANELY BRILLANT!

And MMM instead of WWW, with the evening gowns. I think that's about the time that I had to stop reading for a bit because of eminient danger of choking and no one around to do the heimlich if I needed it! Puce - PUCE! Such a George thing to say. Again, you do know your twins!

Carol of the Bells IS a freaky song. Especially when played by 5th graders on string instruments. Poor Ron - but the antlers - CLASSIC! (Rondeer - ROFLOL!)

My favorite moment, though? Bill, Charlie, and Percy with the bet and Percy scribling furiously, with Molly putting five on Ginny to the accompainment of squeals from overhead.

Eldy, I don't know how you do it, top the story from the year before, but you ALWAYS do it! I loved it! And I hope this review made even an inkling of sense and told you how much I loved it!

And now, I'm gonna go read it again! WHE!


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