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Review:argetlam shadeslayer says:
So, it's my last two weeks of final exams, and I should probably be studying and practicing my music right now, but I've been dying to read and review this, and I know that if I don't do it now, I won't have another chance to do it until after finals are over. :P

But honestly, what a dramatic, penultimate scene in the living room. Trust Scorpius to send Rose a final letter (and trust Lucius to deliver it like an owl, bless him) right in the middle of a Wotter family gathering - his timing is seriously impeccable - but good for Rose for remaining steadfast and independent! I couldn't help but cheer when she crumpled the letter and discarded it on the floor, all the while taking a step away from Scorpius and a step toward Teddy. (Oh, Teddy. What a dreamboat!) Seriously, Susan, you wrote the letter scene between Rose and Teddy so beautifully, I honestly would've been thrilled with the way things were sorted out if you had ended the story right there. (Although, I'm much more ecstatic that it didn't end right there, because the wistfully sighing, happily blubbering Teddy/Rose fangirl in me adored the actual ending; but I'm just saying, you're an incredible enough writer that any ending from you in this story would be wonderful, really.)

But the curtain call! Oh, the curtain call. Have I mentioned how much I love Rose and the way in which her character developed throughout the past thirteen chapters? No? Well, I do. Again, I found myself cheering for her (I seem to have become Rose's own personal cheerleader :P) when she "declared herself the winner", as Teddy so cleverly put it. Triumph! And when she kissed Teddy - oh, gosh. I won't even lie to you, I definitely squealed for a good five seconds. That whole airport scene - the banter between the two of them, the knowing glances and comments exchanged between the rest of the Wotters, the EVERYTHING - was so perfectly written, I cannot even begin to describe how amazing it is. What a magnificent ending to such a wonderful story. I'm admittedly sad that it's over, but the ending was simply so perfect, that I can't help but feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Susan, you are a genius. You are absolutely brilliant. Thank you for writing such a spectacular story. It was a joy to read, and I can't wait to see what happens next with Rose! 100/10.

- Emma

Author's Response: Exams < Fanfiction. It's the sad truth. I've gotten into so much trouble over the years for writing or reviewing when I should be studying. >< But it usually works out alright in the end... depending on the class, actually... but I won't go there...

Wow. This review. Whoa, Emma, there is some intense fangirling going on here and I can't possible appreciate it as much as it's worth. That scene with the letter is one that I really liked, though I don't know if it quite turned out the way I'd pictured in my head - it's one of those strongly visual scenes that's hard to find the right words to describe. It's awesome that you liked how this Teddy/Rose storyline turned out - it means a lot to have the support for that ship rather than... the other one. I cruelly enjoyed the maybe-maybe not aspects of Teddy and Rose in this story - they're such odd people, but well-suited to one another because of those oddities.

If I start writing about those two, I'll go on forever, I know. I enjoy writing them way too much (which is mainly the only reason I'm doing a sequel, just for excuses to write more of them :P).

It's wonderful that you liked how Rose's character developed over the story! I wrote this chapter thinking that she hadn't at all moved on, that while she may be capable of seeing past Scorpius, there's still this overdramatic streak of immaturity in her - she's still not grown up yet, not all the way at least. But the novel is only a week long, so I guess there can't be that much personal development, even with all of the things that happened to her in that short time. Her life changed, and I like to think that she changed a little with it. :)

That airport scene is like something out of a movie. Maybe like Sleepless in Seattle or something. :P Oh gosh, it's one of those sweetly romantic scenes and I'm glad that you liked it. Very, very glad. Happy endings and me don't often get along well, so this one turning out just right is a fabulous feeling. ^_^

Thank you very much for all of your wonderfully detailed reviews! They were a pleasure to read, giving me the opportunity to relive the story along with you. It's fantastic that you enjoyed it so much! :D

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