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Review:C says:
I LOVED this chapter!!
It was so intense -the fighting with Katherine- and I loved seeing Anya explode. :)
Even though it usually happens when she's feeling her worst, I love when she opens up.

And in this chapter I thought we saw a lot of examples of how young and sheltered Anya is. When people called her 'kid' it did bug me because isn't she an adult by wizarding standards? I'm sure everyone hates the condescending connotation of 'kid'.

I thought you had wonderful organic imagery and I found the thoughts behind their emotions fascinating. They were incredibly complex and gave a sense of a long history of inner turmoil.

The changing POVs were interesting, too. I didn't expect you to write from Moody's perspective (I didn't even expect him in the story!) and it definitely added to the gravity of the situation. I found his general involvement interesting too. Being a famous auror and acting as a body guard is unexpected. It makes me think that Katherine is either a very important member of the order (which Dorea's grattitude supports) or that she is very important to Moody personally. They seem to have a long history together...I can't help wondering if they are/were best friends, or (I'm fishing in the dark here) if they will have some sort of romantic connection...weird thought, but they have some sort of chemistry or something that only people who are very close typically have. With her understanding his motives immediately and all the joking around...I think they must be good friends. Although I can hardly imagine how Anya would react if her mother were to date someone. At any point in time. I definitely got the sense that they're close, though, regardless of whether any romantic feelings exist.

That cliffhanger at the end is killing me. I can't wait for the next chapter! I want to read their interaction so badly!! And I loved that bit of humor -it totally juxtaposes the entire chapter's stress and grave topics. It seems perfect for Sirius' character.

I didn't review the other chapter because I got too excited and skipped to this one lol :) I just love this story.

Please update soon :)

Author's Response: Hey! I've been looking forward so much to writing this chapters. its one of the turning points of the story, you'll see why. I really wanted to make it as gritty as i could, the effect was supposed to give away all the hidden cracks in Anya and Katherine's relationship. The unvoiced thoughts behind Anya's words were used to add to that effect - to give that feeling that she doesn't have a barrier between her brain and her mouth anymore, that she is going haywire. You're right about Anya, she only opens up when she is is forced to crack, but that's part of her characterisation i guess. i just couldn't find another way of realistically portraying everything seh was feeling without making it a bit bombastic and having her explode all over the place.

Yeah, she is an adult (or close because its hinted that she and her mother have forged IDs, but I haven't give the reason for this yet - anyway that's not the point) Anya is grown and tecnically and adult, but the way they refer to her as 'kid' was meant to be condecending, to give away the way people in the Order see her as completely inexperienced and practically a child - which is not too far from the truth to be honest.

I didnt expect to write from Moody's perspective either, but he just came into the story on his own ;P
When I was writing the chapter in which Anya is attacked, I thought: Who is the best protector for someone as crutial in the Order as Katherine? And the only one that came to mind was Moody. That was her bargain by the way: she promised that she would write that article only in exchange for the best protection Dumbledore could offer for her daughter. I just figured that in a time when nobody realises taht there is a war coming, the most important function any onrganisation could have is inform the public as well as fight off teh danger. So yeah, Katherine is important for the Order... but I kinda imagined a friendship between her and Moody as well.
The idea was like a relationship that Harry and Hermionie would have one both grown up, you kow. But I dont know where Im going to go with it yet. You kinda gave me a few ideas :D especiall when trying to imagine Anya's reaction to Katherine dating someone. Lol, that would be a dramatic chapter to write.

Oh, you know the next chapter is already in que, but it will take 6 days to be validated. I cant wait for it to be out. It all an interation between Anya and Sirius and at first I thought it would be a shortie, but it turned out to be 8000 words!!! I just hope that it lives up to expectations.

Thank you so much for your every word. I hope you like the next chapter as well.

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