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Review:Alopex says:
I'm not certain if this is the story you were talking about in your status update, since it doesn't precisely seem to be a Scorpius/Rose story (at least not yet), but it doesn't have a very high reveiw count. So. Here I am.

As usual, reading your writing is a very enjoyable experience. Your writing flows so nicely, it's just so easy to get caught up in it and be carried away. It's really impressive how you manage to make your writing sound so easy and effortless but at the same time well-crafted, as if each word was weighed and considered.

I am intrigued by the idea of Rose as a Chinese herbalist. That is not an idea I have ever come across before. It's a nice twist on making a character a Healer. I like how you have included some common things (after all, how can they really be avoided, especially in fanfiction) but have given them a fresh twist.

The descriptions of Rose's little shop were also enjoyable. I work in a little shop myself, a health food store (where we actually sell mostly supplements), so even though Rose's shop is obviously quite different, there are still similarities that made it feel familiar to me, if that makes sense.

The flashbacks are another thing I've got to comment on. I have never been a fan of flashbacks, particularly in fanfiction. Too often, they seem clumsily slapped into a chapter, or perhaps utilized when an author realizes the need to fill some plot hole. Frequently, I just cringe when I come across them and think the information could have been included much more masterfully. However, not all flashbacks are equal, and sometimes I have to admit I've read some that don't make roll my eyes or cringe. The flashbacks included here were well-done. They fit in well with the flow of the story and added some background information, without banging the reader over the head with some forced, clumsy abruptness. So well-done on that. :)

I suppose I ought to stop babbling before soon. I would like to say one more thing. I always enjoy your characters too. They seem like real people to me . . . realistic, in other words. Also, real in a way that appeals to me in a way this "typical teenager" behavior/characterization does not. That said, there was something about Rose that made me think of Helen, but it wasn't so obvious that it made me really notice until I started thinking about it after reading.

Anyway, this was an enjoyable read, as expected, and it seems to me like a story with potential.

Author's Response: This is a surprise! I loved your reviews, and getting another one is a brilliant thing. This isn't actually the story I was whining about (am always embarrassed about those moments afterwards, as genuinely upset as I can be during them - people do tend to be more stringent about reviews these days), but I actually appreciate receiving reviews for this story more because it's definitely one that I like better. So, to begin, thank you so much for taking the time to read and review this story.

Your comments are so complimentary that I hardly know what to say other than to thank you. Making Rose and company different from the "usual" next-generation story is key - mostly because it's the only way I can make myself want to write them. It's the same problem that I often have with the Marauder era because people have such set ways of writing these characters who, in actuality, have very little "canon" information regarding them. This version of Rose is a bit of a rebel, too, so I couldn't imagine her entering one of the "usual" wizarding professions - so she chooses one that takes her halfway around the world, to begin with, then that lets her do her own thing once she returns home. She loves being independent far too much, which is probably one of the reasons why she reminds you of Helen - I didn't purposely make them alike but you're right that there are similarities between them. Sometimes I worry that my female main characters are all alike - the same person living in (and affected by) different environments. But in this case, it's great that they are similar - writing strong women is something I love to do, I guess. :D

I'm very glad to hear that the flashbacks worked and didn't detract from the narrative flow. I use them quite often, probably more than I should, but for some reason, I keep doing it. The way that memory works is strange, and the amount of inward thinking that Rose does lends itself to these kind of flashbacks.

Thank you again! It's been wonderful to hear your opinions once more. ^_^

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