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Review:SeverusLove says:
Dear TenthWeasley,

There are only four chapters to the story so I thought, 'Why not?' and hence, I am here to give another review. Yay! :)

This had to be my favourite chapter aside from that of Tobias' and Eileen's. I was literally sitting on the edge of my seat in suspense the whole time. I had to actually reread the story to focus on giving a helpful review instead of just gushing about how incredibly awesome Snape is. *sighs dreamily* Anyway, ahem...

The flow of the story was very good, it was consistent and there weren't any major parts that wavered.

I think the description was very enthralling and mysterious. Even though I already knew what would be happening next, I was still quite interested in reading sentence after sentence.

The plot was good and although I don't remember much anymore of the Battle of Hogwarts, him planning to go into the fray to find Harry and Lucius telling him of the Dark Lord's summon was quite believable.

I'll be honest, Lucius is one of my favourite characters in HP and I always viewed him as cool, calm, and collected but had deep concern for his family and at times -dare I say it- a coward. And how you portrayed him confused me greatly, I could not decide whether to say it was more cowardly than he actually is or that you portrayed him alright and I'm thinking it's somewhere in between.

Severus' opinion on him though, I would've expected a bit more respect since he was a close friend back in the Slytherin days and from what I gather about the Malfoys, they seem to think highly of Severus even until that day. I also think Severus could sympathize more on Lucius' pain. I mean, he himself knew what it was like to regret joining the Dark Side hence putting his loved ones at risk.

I understand how Severus would think of Draco though, him being sniveling and pathetic and all, but I think he would've been more protective of him, considering how he treated him the past couple of years. I would suspect he would think Draco as a coward but would not want the bitterness of the world and the heaviness of the recent unbearable events to affect him since he does relate to being put in miserable situations, if you know what I mean. That's why he made that Unbreakable Vow to Narcissa to protect Draco, remember?

Anyway, "Bodies littered the grass out here, and Severus could only imagine how much worse it might look inside. His stomach churned unpleasantly at the thought - could he have stopped any of this bloodshed?" - this was one of the most vivid moments for me. You just can't get enough of how regretful Snape is can't you? It just makes me want to run over there and tell him "IT"S NOT YOUR FAULT PLEASE DON"T BE MISERABLE!" (er...right, I have to check myself sometimes lest I fall into deep fangirl mode, sorry 'bout that x3).

There are actually many scenes here I found especially vivid. The thoughts of his obligation to Dumbledore, his last scream and how foreign it was to him, and how his last thought 'before eternal sleep brought him home' was of Lily (man that was poetic). I think you have a good way with words.

I didn't find any major errors in terms of grammar and spelling and I think the characterization was okay. I always love to see how different people portray the death of Snape because to me, it was one of the greatest events in Wizarding History! All his love, anger, all his lies, his truth, his loyalty, just everything is revealed in that point of time and I love reading about it because it makes me honour him all the more!

As I said earlier, I don't remember much of the Battle of Hogwarts so if you could kindly refresh my memory on these sentences, I'd truly appreciate it:

"A feeling of unease had cloaked him since the mark had burned on his forearm, alerting him that the Carrows had caught Potter."

"If Minerva hadnít prevented him from finding the boy, then he might even now be freed from his obligations to Dumbledore."

So yeah, now it's the end of the story and I can say for sure that it was truly a pleasure reading this, thanks for requesting it, I hope my past reviews were okay.

I'll See You 'round The Forums, neh?

Author's Response: I'm so sorry this response was so late! I've had a crazy weekend - homecoming and work and senior pictures - and with the archive crash, I've had trouble getting them done. But I am here now!

Seriously, thanks so much for being willing to leave such long reviews on each chapter. It does mean a lot to me. :) I'm so glad you enjoyed reading it!

See you around! ♥

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