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Review:Phoenix_Flames says:
Hey there! And back for chapter two! I'm so glad you came back to request. I've been so busy and my queue has just exploded that I haven't had anytime for free reading today. So I got around to it much faster now that you requested! I'm so glad you did. :)

And a great second chapter! There was so much revealed in this chapter. So much more to learn in your fantastic, original plot. You have such a unique story here. Everything about it says so.

The nightmare sequence was brilliantly done. I thought you started it off perfectly. It was captivating and it was another instance when I had to know what was going on. It made me only want to read so much more and so much faster.

You pieced it together perfectly. It flowed wonderfully, leading mysteriously into the next bit of it. I knew it had to have some importance, and it started off with a fine mood. The reader didn't have too many guesses as to where it was going. There were so many questions about it. It was somewhat happy, and also brilliantly described. I thought it was great how you added the girls being thrown in by their crushes. It's little things like that that really bring so much more life. You painted the perfect image with these small descriptions, and then it suddenly went downhill. Excitingly and in a frightening manner.

You did so well with pulling the reader into the story that I immediately felt the emotions of it all, wanting to know what was next.

And then it ended so abruptly, and now there's something wrong with Fred. A brilliant scene, and what a way to end it. An awesome cliffhanger.

And then the ending with the Founders! Holy cow. How unique and awesome. I can honestly say I don't think I have ever seen anything like that. I thought that was so clever to have them there in a painting. If they were so important, I honestly don't understand why they didn't have portraits in the HP books in the first place. But I guess so many questions would have been answered more simply in the books if they had been. They would have been an easy way out. :P But not here. This is so great, and I love founders fics, so it's fantastic to see them interacting and your interpretation of it all.

Ah, and Headmaster Riddle. That's very frightening! But yet another clever twist to your story.

This is honestly so well done. Really great job! :)

Feel free to come request the next chapter when it's up! :)

Author's Response: Hello!!! Because this is so long and I am wayy too lazy to scroll up to the top of the page and then back down I have copied your review into a Word document so I can Just click that and write my respone ;) Clever huh? lol :P

I am so glad you came back for chapter 2 :D Even though I requested you again ;) i'm glad your here,Lol I am sorry about your queue, but am glad that you had time to look at chapter two none the less.

Really? It was great? :O Wow, thank you >.< It is, I suppose very original and I haven't seen anyone else do a story like this, :/ But I could be wrong, there might be some stories out there.. In the Big Wide Web :P

I actually struggled with the nightmare and the paragraph with Hermione being hit by Seamus and landing in the Lake, I had a lot of help from others who helped me write that part, so I am greatfull that they helped otherwise it would of sucked :P lol

Perfectly? ... *stare here at word for a minute and asks mother to pull jaw back up* Wow. your soo kind!! >.< Hehe.. When you say down hill? Was that in a good way or a bad way? :/ Scared now O.o ... I like too paint a picture, even though it is a messy sequence and a nasty progress, I try my hardest to imagine myself in their situation, where they are, what they would be doing, who or what would be arond them. Sometimes I can describe things other times I just suck, Maybe its just my on and off days lol ;)

You felt emotion :O *hug* I can't pull across emotion ever, So I am glad you felt something, even if I am unsure exactly what you felt :) x

Yes, Yes, I know. I'm a horrible person for making Fred scream, well im sorry but it is how it must be :P lol he will eventually be fine I promise. x

The founders I find hard but intriguing to write :D I like them so much and Love too read them that I just adore them :D x :o Another Founders Era lover *hug* Lets be friends? x Please :P lol, and your right it would of been an easy way out and around the founders had they only of been mentioned as portraits and that way JK wouldn't of had to of worried about them, but sadly I would of liked to of seen more of them, but I guess for Fanfic writers it is good in the sense that the Era is open for and free range to expand your imagination :D

Oh thank you soo much for your honesty. again! I will re-request Promise!! :)

Love ~Karni. xx

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