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Review:Maddie says:
Hiya :)

It took me a couple of days to get through all the chapters so far and I must say, I really enjoyed the read! Even though the plot it's quite a subtle plot, it still managed to keep me interested because of your intriguing characterizations. Seb in particular, he's a mysterious one isn't he? Haha, but it keeps the readers hooked!

What I love is how even from this point in the story, I can already imagine Seb becoming the man in the prologue. It isn't completely OOC, i mean, in my mind anyway it suits his character. There's something a little off about him...

And Molly! Her growth as a person throughout these chapters has been so interesting to watch. And in a way, I suppose it's all come about because of Seb. I like how you managed to put two mind frames on their whole relationship. Like if we go by the reactions and behavior of her friends and family on it, and i suppose Seb's POV too,then I would agree that it is slightly unhealthy how she's (unintentionally) hurting everyone around her just for Seb who at this moment in time is still a little shady. She doesn't really realize how she's isolating herself from people who care about her, I hope she spends some much needed time with them all soon! Especially Max!

But then when we see the relationship from Molly's POV, I actually end up pushing all those worries to the side because in a way, I understand their whole relationship and how they sort of balance eachother out. She brings out the best in him and he pushed her to her limits and opens her naive little eyes, haha.

So yeah, I think you moved their relationship along in a great way they suited their characters immensely. :) And also, along with the prologue, i'd like to mention how much I loved the way you wrote her break-up with Harrison. All the emotions, all the gestures and the way in which they spoke to eachother, it was all really realistic. And when you've been together with someone for so long and have gotten so comfortable with them, I can't imagine you having an emotionless, painless split, even if you fell out of love. All in all, I really liked your take on that :)

Oh, and before I go, JAMES AND DOM! :D They're my favourite characters, James makes me giggle with his i'm-trying-to-be-manly-and-protective-of-my-female-relatives. Makes me laugh :)

You're a brilliant author and this story is really different and entertaining. Can't wait for the next chapter to see where you take this story next! Btw, I adore your user name! Penguins are the bomb ;)

~Maddie x

Author's Response: Oh wow. This is...epic is probably the best word. I can't believe anyone could write a review this long about this story :P

Subtle plot is probably a very nice way of saying 'long, drawn-out and barely there'. It could do with a heavy rewrite, really, but that would be a lot of effort and I really don't think I have the energy! Seb is probably what makes this story for me, and is the reason I find it hard to think about abandoning it.

The person he is in the prologue is definitely lurking. It's been exhibited before in what he did to Fred, this dark and passionate side to him that he can't seem to control. He's not openly emotional and that builds and builds and is bound to eventually explode. I think the key point to him is that he loves Molly. He really, truly does but he doesn't know how to share her or deal with that and this is really what makes him react to things the way he does.

Yeah, her change is all through Seb. It's always amazed me how a new person's presence can change someone - it's happened to almost everyone and I wanted to explore that with Molly.

You've really hit the nail on the head with everything you say. This is why I like having two perspectives because to see it from Seb and from her friends, you can see what she's doing to herself and especially from Max and Anna's actions, you see the naivety of her. Then you read Molly's point of view on it all and suddenly, you realise she wants to give him a second chance. I think she thinks she can save him and likes who she is around him. She is still very naive and very blind to what Seb actually is but a part of that is how well Seb knows her and can manipulate her. I think he's the most crucial character.

I don't think there can be a painless split after that amount of time, no matter how old you are. They're still young, they probably don't even know what love is (definitely weren't in it) but it's still very difficult for both of them to try and cope with not having the other there.

Hahaha, they're my favourites too! I absolutely love writing James especially. He's probably more like my image of James from the DH epilogue than any other version of him I've written. I really enjoy writing him and I'm pretty sure he'll be back. Look out for Fred and Roxanne too - they're a force to be reckoned with.

Thank you so, so much. This is by far and away the worst story on my page so to hear such lovely, kind words from you is fantastic and I really appreciate it.

I hope you continue to enjoy!


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