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Review:MajiKat says:
I have two things to say to begin with:

goodness me susan! you are a master of language. a conductor of it. this was stunning, even better than the first chapter which i just realised i am yet to review, lol. i shall get to it, i promise, because it was amazing.

the parallels to the bard's tale are definitely there but you have done something i wished i could - you have taken romeo and juliet, a play which i don't have a huge fondness for due to its incredible commercial appeal, and given it something else. something more. You have adapted it and shaped it into this universe you have created with such skill.

i think i hate you right now.

no i don't. i could never. i am just terribly terribly jealous!!

i will say it again - your writing has changed lately, and while it was great before now it is something else entirely. your work is instantly recognisable to me as yours.

i loved the balcony scene in this, or rather, your adaptation of the balcony scene, and i love that you mention it was a balcony scene. even those who have not read/studied romeo and juliet will know that scene. clever of you my dear ^_^

and i adored the scene in the slytherin dorm - so very well written. i could almost taste the unease and the disgust of the Montague's/Slytherins. again, very well done. I like the pun too - having a Montague as Scorpius' cousin. a nice fit for the Benvolio role.

gah. your ability to write with the senses is staggering. it blows me away every time and i think that is one of the things that has changed about your writing. you were doing it before, of course, but now you are doing it differently. your phrasing is different and you can write these beautifully long complex-compound sentences without getting tangled in them. i love that!

i cannot wait to read an update on this. your characterisation is perfect and rose and scorpius fit so well into the romeo and juliet moulds. i don't usually beg for updates but UPDATE??? please?

you are amazing and i am going to crawl in a hole and die now.

Kate xx

Author's Response: You're killing me, Kate. Really. How do I respond to this and still manage to write another chapter without feeling like OMG I'm never going to live up to these standards *hides in a cave*. That's how it is at the moment - I'm terrified that my idea for the final chapter will just flop, especially since there's a gap in time between the second and third parts of a few years. This means trying to explain everything that's gone on since... maybe it's just a bad idea. >< I think I'll die before I manage to write a final part that satisfies my high standards. :P

Thank you SO MUCH for reading and reviewing this, Kate. I can't describe how much it means to me to hear such a positive review from you, especially that you want an update! *jumps for joy* It's wonderful because this story is so out of my league - not in genre, but in content, you know, Hogwarts-based with Rose and Scorpius together... that sort of thing. It's discomfiting to write, and I have to get beyond my own dislike of the pairing in order to write this successfully. It worked in this chapter, thank goodness - that kiss on the balcony is one that I'm proud of, if I can admit to that. :P It was a last minute inclusion - there was going to be a Halloween party instead - but what I like about it is that both characters recognize how cheesy it is, yet they do it anyway, just to see what will happen. That's Rose's mantra in this one - "let's see what'll happen if we..." - and it suits her slightly morbid tendencies and ability to manipulate those around her. She's an extraordinary character to write, very disturbing because she has that potential for being evil, if she put her mind to it, and Scorpius keeps trying to avoid seeing that aspect of her. He goes with the flow for many things, but he has a strong moral centre, to the surprise of many.

You know that it was you who helped inspire this story? Your "Mirror Mirror", coupled with Gina's horror one-shot and Gubby's fics really made me want to write horror too, so this is the result. It's more psychological than true horror - thanks to living off of Hitchcock films - but because of your influence, it makes it a million times for exciting that you're enjoying this story. And that you like the Slytherins, too, as I know you write a lot more about them than I do. I don't really get a chance to write them, but they are fun in their own way. And you caught the Montague thing!! Haha, you're the only one so far who's said anything about it, and I was waiting to see who'd get it. It's the most obvious allusion to the play in this, and I couldn't resist making use of that name. XD

Thank you, thank you for this amazing review! I could go on and on squeeing over your comments, but I'll get to the actual writing thing instead. ;)

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