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Review:Gaiapet says:
Fantastic chapter! I love how girly it is!

Mr.P is a baking pro! My dad and I bake together as well. We make fantastic pies for all special occasions.

Stupid Swiss Reserve Team Girl with MY Doger! I don't think so! Even though I do like her and I want them to be happy. You know, I'm sure that Gaia in BTQC would go for an older man. Named Doger.

Oliver says that laughing is just a start? Silly Olli. Doesn’t he know that if a guy can make a girl laugh, he pretty much has her? Good thing he is so Scottish and arrogant that he doesn't need to try to get a girl. Except for Jane. But that was because he didn't admit to his feelings and pains.

“So let me get this straight,” Alicia said. Her arms were folded and she was sitting on the edge of my bed. “Oliver got a raise and he’s not sharing any of it with me?”
- He is just so inconsiderate!

Except Katie because she was still delusional.
- I just want to hit the two of them over the head in these chapters! So irritating! Because they are so perfect for each other. I hope that they take it slow when they are back together. I just feel like that would work better than them just being right back where they were before the fight.

My hair looked like it was out of a horror film. Who let me run around like that?
- Haha! I love old pictures of people! It is particularly tantalizing to see old pictures of teachers.

I’d just swipe some of Hogwarts’ desks or the four-poster. They wouldn’t miss it.
- That quote sounded a lot like James to me. He would steal one out of the millions of empty classrooms. What are they there for? I don't know?!

“You two are so stupid,” Alicia said. “I swear, I feel like it’s back at the retreat and you’re Ang and I’m me telling you you’re stupid.”
- See every vent about GeoKat's stupidity. Also see all praise of Alicia. Refer to "The Retreat" for awesomeness.

I think Katie should stay home after school. If she stays with Thelma she can hear all the juicy stories. And then supplement her Quidditch career by becoming a novelist using the juicy stories for inspiration. Stovetop Stories. Or you know, a creative name.

We rushed out of the bedroom since Dad wasn’t there to open it, each of us wondering if it was someone famous and lost at the door.
- If only...


Complete with riffraff references.
- I love how the sounds work in this sentence. Alliteration for the forever win!

It’ll definitely be a place to see and be seen.”
“So we’ll be in the nineteenth century?” Alicia groaned.
- She could break out Luxe Bevington again. It sounds like a very 19th century name.

I love how hard Lou and Jane are trying to make it work. They both really love Mr.P. Although I can’t really remember that much about that...Ahem...

Alicia just grabbed the nearest dresses to her and then made fun of one in a mustard color.
- So much love!

I would choose Ang's dress. I like to wear bright colors and the material looks amazing. This chapter brings back so many memories of shopping for dresses. Homecoming, prom, weddings, benefits, Halloween... I can't even imagine being you! I love Say Yes to the Dress, but it makes wedding dress shopping look so intimidating! So props to you and all brides!

“I wanted to see what you would look like with a bun in the oven,” Alicia replied. “I could take a picture and show Wood so he’d get freaked out.”
- This is just the best idea ever. So fantastic.

"I meant like whom. Oliver wasn’t exactly specific.”
- I love her grammar. Katie is so posh.

Idiot stick is sneaky and Jane isn’t. But Jane also has the Chasers on her side.

I waited for Angelina to finish fighting with the straigtener. She swore it hated her. I swore it didn’t have emotions.
- I swear that Ang is right. Even muggle beauty products have the capacity to hate people and their hair. I can't imagine the devastation that magical products can wreak.

Suddenly he stopped and backed away, tongue visible. “Angelina bleeding Johnson,” he breathed.
- I love Fred.

“Ang, pull me away, I’ll cheat! I’ll do it!”
- Still love him! If I couldn't have Doger or Liam, I would take him.

Now the big question is this: Did Lee pick some of the Wood's flowers and give them to Alicia? Let me know.

Author's Response: Send me a pie. I demand to be the pie-tester of this friendship.

I think you're right about Gaia in BTQC. She would totally dig an older guy. She'll have to ask Kay Davies about her father one of these pub trips.

I love Oliver and how oblivious he is, get how perceptive he is. It's a unique combo to be sure. He doesn't realize what he has.

The old pictures bit came directly from me finding old pictures of myself when I was like...12. Which was years and years ago as you know. I have no idea who was in charge but my clothes and hair styles were unacceptable.

HAHA! You're right. That's a very James-esque quote. Jane has some moments throughout both stories like that. A huge cue that they come from the same brain lol.

You will have your Danny Boy and Libby. But not for a bit.

Haha, I agree. I loved shopping for dresses for Homecoming, Turnabout, Prom, etc. Wedding dress shopping was so overwhelming but it was an absolute blast. I was actually a little sad I found my dress because I didn't get to go try on anymore! :) I saw a cute one while out with my bridesmaids the other day and I had to stop myself because obviously it wasn't as amazing as my dress...but I still wanted to put it on.

I love Fred too! Gah!!

Yes, Lee most definitely did. He's a flower-stealing sort of bloke. This is not to be confused with pram-pushing.

Thank you SO much for the amazing review! I look forward to all of your splendid reviews!!

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