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Review:Blaise Zabinis Fiancee says:
I totally get Harry's opinion about the political thing. To him it all seems fake, that he doesn't really have the Ministry's support, but it's only a show of power. I wouldn't appreciate it at all because of that fact that I'm going to want true support and having a false ceremony and making me some sort of figurehead for the Ministry isn't true. It makes it harder to figure out who is for me and who isn't. The Department of Mysteries pisses me off. I think I can use that word anyway. But it really does, at least the way Fudge and Percy are running it. They aren't focused on the proper things, they are more interested in apprehending Harry over some BS than focussing on the true crimes, which should involve deciphering how the world Murton builds those cursed devices. I understand having some worries about the boy, but they've had it in for Harry for a while now. Unreasonably so.

Relationships... Grudgingly I have to admit that I really sort of like this relationship with Harry and Tonks. It's just really adorable how they protect one another and care for each other. Candide's pregnant... That is so highly hilarious that it's insane. I can' harldy picture Severus with a woman, now I have to imagine him married with a child of his own. I do agree with Harry in that he'll be a great dad. One of those severely overprotective, no-nonsense fathers who get really displeasingly annoying, yet you somehow find it in your heart to still love him. Primarily because he's half the reason you're in the world in the first place I suppose. Remus and Pamela are loverly as well. I love her ability to take everything in stride, and honestly, if ever there was a Muggle who was destined for a relationship with a wizard, it would be her. Not only that, but Remus really does need someone who doesn't judge him, who has the patience to make him feel loved and not waver in it. I'm sure that Harry and the others love him and care about him, but they tend to be too wrapped up in their own issues to watch out for him. I like Harry and Kerry Ann's friendship, it's... I dunno. I don't have the words for it. It's really different from his relationships with his other friends, certainly. It's amusing that when Harry had plans to go join the French ministry, he was willing to include K.A. in his plans and just assumed that Tonks would quit everything and join him. "You were going to raid my department?!" ~ That is possibly my favorite line out of the entire two novels. Hm? Did you say that wasn't in this chapter? Oh, well...

Moody is back. Why do I feel like that is prelude, laying down the tracks for the third installment? You are making me such a careful reader now, looking for clues. I swear, there are some things that I just gloss over while reading, not even realising that they are plot devices. Well, most of them anyway. I totally called it on Ravenclaw's book. I am still questioning however where Harry's powers regarding the Dark Plane had come from. Not directly from Voldemort since not even he knew how to weild them. He coveted them even, said that they were something that he had not ever had. Moody just gets under my skin though... he's just too paranoid for my liking. I would have thought that he knew that Harry wasn't Dark because of the time he'd spent with him during Book Five, but then again, it wasn't really all that much time. Who Harry really did spend time with was Barty Crouch Jr., not Moody. Still... The man makes me itchy.

Is my review long enough? I would think so, but I still feel like I'm missing something that I wanted to discuss... I had scrolled through and made a mental list, but my mental lists always end up missing something when I go back over them. Huh. Must not have been very important then, I guess.


Author's Response: You review is just the right length.

While writing I kept remembering Crouch too, instead of Moody. Tough to sort out. We actually know very little about Moody as well as Moody knowing very little about Harry.

>now I have to imagine him married with a child of his own.

:D I'm *very* interested to see your comments on Resolution.

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