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Review:Gaiapet says:
Well this chapter is just a tour de force for Alicia. Which means that I love it. Because it's Alicia. Mix Alicia with Jane's sarcasm and cynicism, and that is me. At least I like to think so... And there is shrimp. The best food ever. So there will be an onslaught of favorite quotes. Prepare yourself.

And somehow I missed the fact that this was dedicated to me. I feel like an idiot. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I feel really bad now! BUT THANK YOU! I WILL DESERVE IT WHEN MY SPREE OF REVIEWS IS DONE. Almost... And to be clear, I am completely on board with George and Katie. Just not the name GeoKat. Because it sounds like geometry. Although... What if it is some Super Cat with the power to solve complex geometry problems in order to save the day. And, when not using the supername GeoKat, the cat goes by Malicious. I might draw a short comic strip now. UPDATE! I AM NOW ON BOARD WITH GEOKAT!

Oliver had just a salad for dinner? I’ve never heard such a thing concerning an athlete. Are they running low on food again?

DARN THE MEMBERS OF GEOKAT AND THEIR STUPIDITY!!! I feel so much frustration towards them!!!

I got there early so I could snog Oliver in peace, but unfortunately so did Alicia (not to snog, obviously) so I poked her in the ribs.
- Given a chance, Alicia would snog Oliver. I mean, with that body?

“Let’s see. I have makeup in case Katie looks like a slob. Napkins in case I have to slap both of them with one. A Puddlemere shirt I made myself.” She held it up and it looked like she made it herself. Alicia needed to paint inside the lines. “Oh, and I have a horn to cheer on the team.”
- She is like a boyscout. Always prepared! I also love her lack of artistic ability and lack of caring about that lack.

I love how Lee always randomly picks flowers for Alicia from where ever they are meeting. It is just so perfect!

“Think of it as improv,” Alicia said cheerfully. “We can all play characters! I’ll be mysterious, yet light and airy since no one knows I really hold lots of secrets in my full, luxurious head of shiny hair.”
- Oh, Alicia. How I love you. That's why her hair is so big, it's full of secrets.

“Suit yourself. I already had a name for my character. Luxe Bevington. How does that sound?”
- It sounds divine, Alicia. How did you come up with that name?


That might have an effect on Oliver’s ability to see the Quaffle, but he was wonderful so I didn’t doubt him.
- Imagine if Oliver ever heard Jane's thoughts about him? His head would get so big that you could hide Grawp behind it!

Alicia walked around like she owned the place.
“Yeah, I was over here already. This is where we did lunch after the practice,” she said arrogantly and I laughed.
- Of course. She will be the star chaser next year. And, you know, that is just who she is. LOVE IT!

Both were manned by blokes in black ties with funny mustaches.
- I picture the epic handlebar mustaches. Which is spelled like must-aches. You know, the mustaches that are often drawn on sombrero wearing stick figures.

George with fiery eyes! How can Katie resist? God knows that I couldn't. Stupid GeoKat members...

Ang will be such a great captain! She already has the right tone and isn't afraid to hit people on the back of the head. She is half epic captain and half Gibbs.

beau waving to the waves of supporters
- Is there anything not perfect about that phrase? Seriously. It might be the best thing you have ever written. I'm only slightly exaggerating.

Katie was back to talking to Angelina. Well, yelling, but who could tell?
- Nah, I'm sure nobody noticed...

we drank, ate, and were pretty darn merry
- As you should be!

One thing you NEVER DO is eat all the shrimp when drunkenly invited into someone’s private sports box. Leave at least three.

Angelina and I were hovering at the edge of the box trying to see if Liam was as gorgeous far away as he was up close.
He was.
- You have to say this next sentence as if you are hearing Joey say it, and it doesn't matter that he wouldn't say it to Liam. Yeah he was.

I nearly leapt over a chair to get to them and show that Swedish bloke what I’d learned in Hogwarts, but George beat me there. He, apparently, had no desire to show the guy any sort of painful hexes or jinxes. His fist met the jaw bone of Swedish Meatball and the bloke went flying right into the wall.
- She is like a love ninja! Love the name for the darn Swedish Meatball who ate all the shrimp. YEAH, GEORGE!!! Showing Swedish Meatball what you learned on the streets!

Ang went to find the people that would bring us more shrimp
- About time. The platter should just have a spell that replenishes shrimp.

Fred giggled
- So much love!

"Oh, did we win?” said Fred. “You know what else won? This bleeding shrimp. So good. Like, succulent and stuff. Fing mouth-watering except when you have it in your mouth then it’s just saliva.”
- Oh, Fred, how are you so freaking great? Shrimp always wins! And so smart, even when blitzed!

Fred was dancing the sprinkler.
- Read this like the koolaid guy. Ooooh yeah!

He motioned to me. “Jane did cardio?”
“Jane attempted cardio.”
I took offense to that.
- Hahahahahaha. I love how matter of fact everyone is about Jane's cardio fail

Finally GeoKat makes some progress. And some regress. And maybe some more progress. All said and done, I would say that it breaks about even with optimism for future exchanges.

Author's Response: I am so excited for this review. Seriously. And you're right. I give Alicia a lot of screen time because she's my second favorite. Behind Fred. I have to be careful though so my secondaries don't steal too much limelight. Haha!

I love that you just had that entire paragraph about disliking the name GeoKat and then: UPDATE I AM NOW ON BOARD WITH GEOKAT. I sort of love you to bits!

Alicia cares about very little unless it is Quidditch and her beau. I love that about her. Well, she also cared about being single but that mess is over thankfully. I just reread that part the other day in Keep Away. Poor thing!

I got Luxe Bevington a strange way. Luxe was rfom rooting randomly around Xanga one day. It was a character name. Bevington is the last name of someone I am friends with. BOOM AND BOOM.

Oh, I believe you. I have a new appreciation for the word beau. Expect it more often.

Fred is...eugh, you know how I feel about Fred. So totally biased and in love with that boy. And when he is drunk he is just...a riot. An absolute riot.

Thank you so much! I love this absolutely brilliant long review and I can't wait for your other ones! So get on it so you can make me smile :)

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