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Review:alan rickman says happy birthday says:
Happy Birthday Lovely! I offer you my humble thoughts, and though I’m not the best at thoughting, I hope they’ll do alright ;) (And yes, I did put thoughting.)

I love this already. The concept is amazing. I’ve always been so curious about this period of time… things can’t just patch together easily after a war, and this chapter built that up beautifully. There was a sense of ruin and loss – but not total hopelessness, just that everyone is struggling on. I loved this so much “Nobody stopped to chat. There wasn’t time anymore. There weren’t questions to ask, tales to tell.” It wouldn’t occur to many people that there are perhaps aspects of war that people would miss, a sense of needing each other, but you are a super-duper smart gal so, natch, you did.

And also this: “now it looked like nothing more than what it did to the Muggles who came across it by chance: a ruin.”

Your writing is so beautiful, and that was just one of my favourite bits of description.
“The occasional familiar face wandered past, people whose faces she knew from school, familiar looking robes or kind smiles of those who might have recognised her mother’s eyes set into her younger face” was another. ♥

Your characterization of Hannah is so touching, it just rings true. I really get the sense you understand her as a character, and I felt like the reader got to know her very well too. I loved the mention of Ernie at the beginning, the memories she had of her family… you get a sense of her past and present. I’ve always had a love for her character and I’m sure you must know my love of Neville/Hannah so you can’t imagine how excited I am for this.

I also loved Aberforth’s brief appearance, he was brilliantly in character.

There were two distinct happy-fistpump moments I got reading this chapter, one when Neville appeared because, IT’S NEVILLE. THIS IS A HANNAH/NEVILLE. BRING ON LE ROMANCE ♥ (Your characterization of him was also spot on, I thought.)

And the second, was:

Serving those who have loved and lost during the Second War.
All ages and circumstances welcome.

Derwent House,

Ms Arabella Figg or Mrs Augusta Longbottom at the above address

Oh my sweet welsh cake. Nev’s gran!! Mrs Fig!!! The whole thing! Its perfect. PERFECT.

So much love for you, have a happy day and much ceasless gushing fom the rickmonster x

Author's Response: Dear Lord, Helena, this is enormous! Thank you so much!

I've always wondered about it too and the premise of this story is my absolute favourite of all of them, mainly because despite it being a romance, there's so much more to the ending than them getting together. Struggling is a perfect term, I think. Things are piecing back together but not in the same way as before.

Hannah came so easily to me. I think someone once pointed out that even though we don't know much about her, this is how they'd imagine her to be and I think even from the few statements we have of her in canon, it's quite easy to shape a personality around her.

Aberforth ♥ I really wanted her to find an affinity with him for a couple of reasons. The first being that Aberforth and Neville had some form of friendship in DH and the second being that I wanted this to be Hannah's first foray into the world of...pubbing. She had to start somewhere and Aberforth is getting on in age. It just seemed right.

I LOVE THOSE TWO. I wrote this with the intention of making them very prominent characters but they've fallen by the wayside a bit. I'm really considering a spin-off for those two :P

Thank you so much, lovelyyy. I'm really glad that you liked it and IT'S SO OBVIOUSLY YOU :P



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