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Review:taylorj828 says:
Another review from me!

I really love your opening lines again! You've got a great way of opening a chapter. (o: And you really make us begin to feel for Scorpius, even as we're still discovering who he is. I like that.

Hm, copycat, not a bad theory, and they have to consider it at least... But very nice details about the MOs, and also the small differences in the cases/crimes... You've REALLY got great detail put into this story!

I love getting all the background info as they go over Rose's files and etc. It's a really clever way for you to fill us in!! I feel a little better having more background information about the family and things that have happened since we last saw them in the books, standing at platform 9 and 3/4. (o:

Poker straight, eh? Even if.? Don't think I missed that! Even if WHAT, Scorpius??? (o;

Ah, she was 3 years old. Thanks, I was waiting on that answer. So Ophelie was 3, but Scorpius had only had the last 9 months with her. Gosh there is so much more I want to know!

Oh, I love Hermione going to hug Harry. I've always adored their friendship. It's so perfectly fitting for her to immediately hug him in that moment.

Poor Bill. His wife, and now his daughter, son in law and grandchild... Poor Bill... I can understand him being so upset... But still... Harry's got a job to do...

Oh, and Harry calls Ron and Hermione into the office with him. I love even the mere idea of Harry, Ron, and Hermione together again. (o:

Wow, Ron's reaction. wow... And now my heart plummets, wondering if you mean for this to tear the three apart. )o: I could see it happening, and yet I selfishly hope it doesn't.

I love Harry in this. He can trust her, but the Ministry can't. It's very Harry. He was always so big on trust. But he works for the Ministry, and we all seem to know how far the Ministry can be from trust. And anyway, you can't really govern a society like that... A tough lot for Rose... This is really going to put this family to the test.

Wouldn't it be easier for Rose to do the veritaserum without her mum and dad right there? Oh, dear...

Aaaah, interesting how the plot thickens. Changing the baby's name, but it wasn't even Matt's. And three years of cheating with a girl... oh my... I feel like my head is so crammed full of information, I just can't process it all!

Wow, so many of the people they went to school with have died. Sad. )o: Well, maybe not SO many, but still.. Fleur and Zabini... It's kind of sad to think about...

Indeed, why would anyone want to kill a little girl? That's so very sad. Something makes me think it's connected to the girl's parent. But the question is, to which parent? Which parent is the reason someone wanted to kill the child? Matt, Dominique, or Scorpius...?

HA, I love that Malfoy tried to look surprised, but Harry caught it anyway. Not too old yet, Harry, my boy!

She's an EX??? SCORPIUS MALFOY! Exactly how many girls have you been with? ALL of them???

Nice catch Sorpius, about Blaise's lactose death. And Gabriella's mum's death. Connected, I'm sure. But how? I' definitely at a loss!

HA! My first instinct was that something was fishy about that Healer, and it's got Scorpius thinking so too! So... does that mean I'm able to track with Scorpius now? hehe. (o;

I'm sorry if this review is a bit more reactive and shorter, but your story is quite good and it definitely makes a reader react and respond, and think, and try to figure out what's going on. And those are some of the things I really enjoy most in a good story. Well done! Off to the next chapter!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked my opening lines again. And you think I have great detail in this story? Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. :)

And obviously I made up all that background information, LOL. Haha, Scorpius is infuriating at the best of times. Hermione hugging Harry is a natural reaction to what happened. So it’s good you noticed that. Yes, poor Bill indeed! I think I was a bit merciless to him, to be honest — I killed off his wife and his daughter and son-in-law and his granddaughter... I was horrible, yes.

I haven’t decided how Ron, Hermione and Harry react to it, not really. But I don't think it’d tear them apart, not really. And I'm really glad you thought I got Harry right.

LOL... Scorpius wasn’t with that many girls, trust me. Just Rose, Dominique, Gabriella... okay, a few. And yes, Scorpius is an intelligent man, even at the worst of times.

Don’t worry about the review being shorter — I really appreciate it! Thank you so, so much. *runs to the next chapter*


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