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Review:GubraithianFire says:

I feel like the robot who watches over reviews wouldn't like it if I kept the review to that, but EEE. EEE. EEE. EEE. EEE.

(There are five of them each time, do you see? -proud happy smile that :D cannot properly express-)

I actually just read a one-shot of Sarah's, Faded, which is also Lucius/Narcissa. But, hers is angsty. And full of pain. And beauty. But it was the pain of people who have known happiness and are clinging to it in the midst of chaos. But this is so cute, so... I don't know, Narcissa's voice is so adorable and sweet and the tiniest bit arrogant, but that's to be expected. I love your characterization of her, and I love that it's you you're basing off. I'm always extremely wary of self-inserts because, you know, people, especially fanfic writers, aren't that interesting to read about. But your Narcissa (or you? hehe) is a real treat. Not a china doll, not an evil rebel, but she's real, she's believable, and she's lovely.

And she plays the piano(forte). (any wub emoticon you care to imagine can go here) I love whenever you write about music, because it's clear that you care. This was very different from Nocturne (I squeed a little bit when I saw the word here) and it was so sweet -- I want to say wholesome, but I can't in any light see Lucius as wholesome. But you came pretty darn close to that here, and his fascination with Narcissa is so sweet/kind of sensual (is that just me? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?) and it makes me root for them. Which I have, to some degree or other, since DH, but this made me believe in them, and believe in this adorable budding romance.

And the interlude with Bellatrix and Andromeda and Narcissa's anxiety -- goodness, such quickly-drawn characterizations, and such good ones too. Andromeda being a bit hysterical about Bellatrix's iron fist coming down on her. They're still recognizable as the people we meet in canon, which I consider paramount in any fic using these very easy-to-screw-up characters, but they fit with a political-treatise-reading Narcissa (that, besides the music, was what got to me the most) and they interacted very well. Lucius' reaction once they were gone made me a bit queasy, of course, but underneath the blasť-ness/disgust, I think he had a soft spot for her. And it makes me hope that despite all the murders and tortures and lying and the terror of their future, that they can keep this spirit alive in their relationship.



I know what you mean about self-inserts. They're usually hammed-up versions of the author; far prettier, far clever, far more curves in the right places. Here, I hammed myself up for Narcissa (I'm not /that/ good at piano and /no/ boy will want to talk to me), but I tried to keep in some of the uglier elements too, you know, so she wasn't just a mary-sue. You already know that I base sa!scorpius off of myself - I have a bit of a tendency for self-parody. So, well, I'm glad she's real and believable - she's not wholly based on me, but little bits of me. I think I'd find it impossible to write a perfect characterisation of myself and I'm rambling.

Music ♥ It's been a part of my life for so long that, well, I just love writing about it, haha. I don't practise piano so much anymore (woe, but I was really going nowhere) but I still consider myself a bit of a musical elitist. And yes, different from Nocturne indeed, haha! Lucius isn't wholesome, no, but I've always maintained that, aside from their casual fixation with the dark arts and all things pureblood, they were a happily married couple who clearly loved each other (and their son) very much. I don't believe in it being a loveless or forced marriage at all. I also ship them quite a bit.

Ah, Bella and Andy and Cissy. I do see Bellatrix was quite 'together' when she was at school, in the early days before she went off fancying dark lords and such - and I also see Andromeda as slightly on edge, aware of her ties to her family but her need to break out of it at the same time. I think all three sisters would be a bit on edge, a bit anxious - Bella needing to keep control, as eldest, Andromeda wanting to break free (like that song...) and Narcissa aware of everything that's expected of her. So they're all kind of...anxious. They're anxious folk. I'm a really anxious person, far more than I should be. Lucius' reaction as written here is a reaction I've had a couple of times in RL; people just don't know what to do, but they know it's an issue. And yes, I believe Lucius really does have a soft spot for Narcissa - he really does love her, after all blah blah blah etc etc troo shipper stuff.

That was long and rambly. But I hope it made sense.

Thank you so, so, much for reviewing ♥ a thousand raving puffins of thanks.

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