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Review:Aiedail says:
So I admit that it's not very fair that I'm coming back and reviewing after I've already read the entirety of the story, but I can still comment on some things that I remember feeling when I read it yesterday :)

Firstly, although you get the feeling that Scorpius isn't a good person, you know how he makes Rose feel, and when he said goodbye I was absolutely stricken. I'm a fan of the pairing, although I believe what you've written them to be is probably much more canon than any of my attempts. The characterization makes sense, even if we don't have that much information about Scorpius's specific past, because we understand his family name well enough, and it seems like he does as well and remains within its boundaries. I like the empty Scorpius, partly because his attraction then is empty, and like a real live human Rose has a hard time wrapping her mind around that, or accepting it even when she does.

Hokay, I'm rambling ! Anyways, this chapter made me sad--in a way that I kept thinking, I hope we aren't getting a preview of how it all ends and we're going to get up to this point. I had hopes for a fairytale--for things to work out from this point, that Scorpius would finally admit to actually in all reality being a wonderful person who could actually make Rose happy. But I knew it wouldn't, partly because that isn't how writers think so much as how readers do, and partly because you said you were inspired by Austen. As easy as those characterizations seem to people who haven't closely read them, plot lines as well, there's a depth and reality to her novels that I knew you would be able to capture.

Your description seems so natural, and the scene unfolded easily for me while reading. The beauty of the surrounding made the whole scene feel even more tragic, but I believe it is necessary for us to feel that way, along with Rose (although she seems to settle for a semi-resignation in the last line), in order to fully appreciate the emotional journey Rose traverses.

I really enjoyed reading this and I think that you're doing Austen great justice as a muse :)

Author's Response: It's wonderful that you've come back to review this story, and I really appreciate that you've done so. It'll be fantastic to read your thoughts and opinions as you revisit the story - maybe something different will strike you as you go along, you never know. ;)

Your view of Rose and Scorpius is very accurate, and it actually made me think of them as fire and ice - feeling and emptiness - because Rose, throughout the story, has too much feeling, and this overabundance is what gets her into trouble. She keeps running into the brick wall that is Scorpius's emotion and manipulative practices - his wall does crack once or twice, but never for long, as though because he's a Malfoy, he has spent so much time not feeling that he finds emotions too difficult to handle. That's something very alien to Rose, who is the child of two oddly emotional parents (even emotional-teaspoon Ron has trouble hiding his feelings). To place Scorpius and Rose in a canon context means making them opposites in many ways, and no matter what they say, even the opposites attract clause has its limits.

Rambling is good. It would be interesting to have gone back and written their story up to this point in full, but I have learned that I can't humanly write Scorose, it's that much against my better judgment. :P Instead, I wanted to show what came before - which is the typical Hogwarts-based Scorose story of fighting to be together, etc. - and then cut it all to pieces once they leave school, which is sadly what happens in real life quite often. There may still be a fairy tale in this story, though, but it won't be in the usual way.

Thank you so much for your amazing compliments! I've read and re-read these reviews a number of times and haven't known how to respond. The Austen-esque style did float away from this story as the plot developed, but I love her way of subtly critiquing characters, and it's very rare that any of her characters avoid some sort of critique (Mr Knightly is one who comes to mind who emerges unscathed). It means a lot that you think my writing captures that kind of depth and reality because that's my goal as a writer - to write things as they are. ^_^

I could go on thanking you forever, and I probably will in your other review, so I'll move on to respond to that one now. ;)

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