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Review:dramione_ftw_4ever says:
*clears throat, sits up straight, and cracks knuckles*
This one will be a doozey.
SO! With the whole party inviting thing-a-majig, You said the Slytherin brothers brinigng 12 people was nothing to how much the Marauders brought, doesn't that mean that really then, Kylie brought close to no one? Like, I mean she only invited three people... That's a bit sad. I think she should have brought more than that, then it would have been awesome.
Then on to Jaz's weird tendencies when it comes to dressing up! Really, she deemed everyone's choices as bad or something of the like. And then she chose all their dresses for them. I'm sorry, but I don't think I could live with that... being told what to buy and such... No clue how Kylie can put up with that. I feel that it's just Jaz's caring side coming out a bit boisterous don't you? I think she's a bit too caring for her own good at times, and therefore seems really pushy. But the question is WHY did she decide to put everyone before herself? WHY? Well, I think it has to do with what Kylie mentioned while Jaz was doing her own makeup - that Jaz feels inadequate because of her hair or some other reason and will therefore always place others before herself. That she feels that she doesn't deserve as much attention as other people because she doesn't "look right" or she just isn't good enough is SOME way. Poor Jaz, don't you agree?
CONTINUING ON! Now I'm talking about Kylie's mother hen-like tendencies... I agree with Sirius on this one. She always feels like it's her duty - her right, to take care of everyone around her. That's why she was sitting there with Madge so she didn't feel left out, that's why she cared about Matt's love of Jaz. I think she has this weird feeling of that she doesn't want to be having more fun than everyone else, and if she's having more fun than someone else that she knows about, she'll make sure that they have fun as well, even if that means she's no longer having as much fun as before. This is why everyone loves Kylie of course. ^.^
BRYSON TIME! YAAAY! Well now, I had been reading some of the reviews last chapter, about the whole crazy Bryson-ness, and I read one by SunnyRae (Yes, I enjoy her reviews too), and she said that she thought Bryson was gay and in love with Sirius. And as much as I laughed at it at the time and thought it was ridiculous, IT WAS HALF RIGHT! 0.0 Bryson IS gay (holy crap), but not in love with Sirius, he's in love with Canadian boy Jasper. I kind of fan girl screamed when I read he was Canadian, as I was born and live in Ontario Canada. Though having only ONE TEAM for all of Canada seems a bit weird. Canada is the second biggest country IN THE WORLD (right after Russia... sadly), so shouldn't they have like... 5 teams? (I split it up into parts of Canada) But whatever, I'll rant another time. ^.^ But JASPER! WOT! So Bryson just KIND OF came out of the closet to Kylie. Though that was only because she caught them making out in a bathroom. Though I didn't expect Bryson to have been like mauled by some crazy homeless woman. Though explain something to me - If Bryson was already together with Jasper when he got Kylie and Sirius back together, why was he all sulky? Please do explain that one to me.
NOW TO JAZ AND MATT!! YAY! Matt FINALLY told Jaz he loves her, and such! Cootos to Matt for having the guts for that job. (: Though I think it was a bit harsh of Jaz to just say "I'm sorry" and walk out. That's kind of mean. No explanation or anything, just "I'm sorry" and she's gone... That makes me upset with Jaz. Though I know she'll come around because really, if you want to follow Canon, Remus has to go marry Nymphadora Tonks. ^.^ So what has Jaz decided to do when she ran off to go join Remus? Is she going to try and forget the little piece of information of MATT LOVES HER?! I don't really think that's possible. She'll think about it against her will and then she'll end up falling in love with Matt in return, and she'll break up with Remus to go date Matt.
So there was my lovely review for you.

Author's Response: ~Settles in, throws her hands behind her head, and prepares herself for a long read~
Thank you for the wonderfully long chapter, my dear!
Kylie didn't feel the need to invite more people for several reasons. One, she already had all of the people she really cared about going - the others on the Rampart Lions, Jaz, Matt, Madge - so she didn't really find it necessary. Secondly, maybe you haven't noticed, but Kylie doesn't have the greatest relationships with the people she isn't intimately friends with. She doesn't really talk to the other girls in her dorm, so she didn't really feel the need to invite others.
Kylie puts up with it because, for one, Jaz is always right. Yes, she's demanding, but she always seems to know exactly what will make Kylie and the others look and feel fantastic. And, Jaz has always been that way. She's gotten used to it, and maybe even enjoys it a little because, as we know, her mother left and no one has really paid much attention to her in a femenine, girl-to-girl way. Jaz does feel very insecure with herself, so she doesn't see why she should waste the effort on herself when she doesn't think it will do anything. There's a sense of satisfaction that she gets with dressing up the others, making them look your best... that's where she gets it.
Kylie has this thing about caring for people so deeply that she doesn't really understand it. If she likes you, then she'll do anything for you - including hover around like you're the most fragile thing in the world if she feels like you need her. She tries her best to do what she can, but sometimes, that almost isn't enough... at least, that's what she feels, even though she does way too much.
I love SunnyRae - she comes up with the best predictions, and sometimes they aren't completely off. Like in this case - half right. I couldn't have Bryson's homosexuality be directed towards Sirius - he is KYLIE'S, DAMMIT - but he did have feelings for a boy. The reason there is only one team for Canada is kind of the same reason why there is only one team for Russia - population. besides, half of Europe goes to Hogwarts! He wasn't with Jasper when he got Kylie and Sirius back together - he was in love with Jasper, but not with him. It wasn't until that night that he and the boy actually got their broom closet action. At the time, he was still torn up because he thought that he could never be with the person he wanted to be with.
You kind of have to respect Jaz's position. She was with a boy, who she never thought she would get, then was kissed by another boy who she's known all her life and never expected love from. Again, it's her I-don't-deserve-anything complex - instead of just having one boy, she has two. So, please, forgive her :/ You'l see how this deal ends eventually, though, it actually will just end in the next chapter... so it won't take to long!
And what a lovely, perfect review it was!

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