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Review:dramione_ftw_4ever says:
(I exceeded the limit of 6000 characters... did you know there was a LIMIT?) I'm going to talk about possible upcoming events. ^.^ YAY! *dances* I think that her whole story should come unraveling one night when James is training her, and they see the beast lurking somewhere beneath where they are practicing, and she like grabs her dagger on her thigh (of course it's always there, she needs her personal protection right?) and like throws it at the beast, making it look up at them and growl menacingly at them (of course the dagger did barely anything, what would it do to a magical creature of that size?) Elaina flies close enough to the ground for her to jump off all the while James is freaking out screaming at her that why wouldn't she just run away? When Ella hits the ground from her 10-foot jump, she lights her hands, and one hand is filled with that pure blue flame. She shoots it at the beast, but it just EATS the flame! She freaks out and wonders how she could possibly defeat this horrifying thing! Then she remembers her training with large beasts. Stay on top of them so they can't harm you! So she jumps up to James' broom (as he flew lower and lower to the ground) and she like flips onto the beast's back, confusing it, and then takes the dagger that she had planted by it's right shoulder blade, and pulls it out, and then stabs the beast again where it could have it's heart, and drags the dagger causing a line. The creature's blood begins to pour out, and you realize that the beast's blood is BLACK! This thing is so crazy evil that one person shouldn't be able to handle it. The beast's blood has the stench of decaying dead bodies, and Elaina can barely handle it, though she does, and alights her hand again, this time forcing the flame on the patch where the blood sprang from. All the while, this beast is trying to get Elaina the hell OFF ITS BACK! But as she had dug her heels into the sides of it, she had a firm grip on it so that it can't eat her. The beast's black blood begins to turn red under the flame and changes from smelling of decaying dead bodies to normal blood should. Eventually, the beast's real form is seen, and you see that it was an evil creature with no fur or hair to speak of and is rail thin, though it continues to burn, and soon Elaina has to jump off of the creature, but luckily her trusty broom is above her head and she jumps onto it to save herself from the burning monster. Though as soon as she gets onto her broom James freaks out and wonders why the hell she attacked that thing, and how come she acted like she knew what the hell she was doing. And then... Elaina spills the beans to him. He is shocked, though he admits he always thought there was something off about her, and that her secret had to be something big. And he accepts her. Though the others don't. The others begin to hate her, causing her to be an outsider, though Anne is with her and defends her as well. Soon enough, by the end of the story, she has the whole story out, and her friends are back by her side. ^.^ ALONG WITH PJ!
Hope you like my super long review
PS - that was my longest review ever

Author's Response: Thanks for the amazingly long and fantactically detailed review that somehow managed to esxceed the limit no one knew existed! Honestly, I have never seen such a huge block of text in a review before - so congradulations on that wonderful feat on my poor, neglected story!
I really enjoyed your ideas of how the story should end - unfortunately, there's a lot more to it than the beast who has been terrorizing Hogwarts for too long now. I love your description of the beast - how it's this nasty huge thing that slowly turns into this horrific thing straight from nightmares. It's quite impressive! You must be a writer yourself :D
I really, really, really enjoyed your review, and am so unbelievably greatful that you wrote it all out for me: it's tryely a wonderful prediciton that I love quite a lot. Maybe some of it might work it's way into Shadows of Midnight, yeah?

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