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Review:pacific wizard says:
Eldy: The ending between Molly and Harry was precious. You've been taking notes from 1917Farmgirl. Lol...I'm just amazed that you can take an intricate plot about matching wands, locking experiments and anti-locking spells to defeat the phenomenon and write it with such clarity. I also love the way you portray Ron. He's still the loveable but at times insufferable Ron that we all love but he's not written like Watson to Sherlock nor does he play second fiddle to Harry. He's smart and as you have Harry proclaim, the real threat to the DE's. Well done on that portrayal.

Lilygreeneyes is one of my favorites and now I am "Gobsmacked" by your referral to her as a beta. I am truly honored but very humbled all at the same time. I would be very interested but please give me a little time to decide. I have my business schedule to consider before I commit. You made my day. Thanks and good writing. PW

Author's Response: Farmgirl, Justanothermuggle, Siledubghlase (whom I shall miss) and Avadakedavra1 and I formed somthing of an over-the-hill Potter support group. I take a great deal of inspiration from them (and I hope vice versa).

But, the day I can write emotion like the farmgirl is the day I know I'll truly have become a brilliant author. Just the same, I definitely took a page out of her book for that Molly scene. She's had some great ones, but none so powerful as Molly's "talk" with Lily at her grave in "healing." THAT was AMAZING.

As to the wand thing, again, that inspiration came from ROJ. In that tale, Harry finds Riddle's old wand in the archives and comments that the darn thing should've been destroyed. That got me to thinking, and the result was the duel in the Archives in Battle of the Pitch.

Originally, when I wrote Crusade, Harry's wand locking with Yaxley's was simply a throw back to Dumbles duel with Voldy in the movie version of Order of the Phoenix. I liked the visuals. But, after the fact, and from the review responses I got, I realized that it was likely somthing I needed to explain.

When I wrote Pitch, I needed a McGuffin and the wand seemed to work. Honestly, I'd intended for the wand to burn up in the Archive fire. But, then again, from the review responses, my readers weren't so sure if that's what actually happened. Then, I re-read what I wrote and realized I'd left it vague.

What came next was A LOT of skull sweat. how in merlin's name could Yax have mastered the wand? If he did, why didn't he use it during his duel with Harry in the Archives? If he did manage to get it, Why didn't he have it at the Battle of the Pitch?

Plot holes and unanswered questions...All in all, it took me about a year plus after Crusade to get all the pieces in place. The result is the Tipping Point. I still think Harry's explanation to Ron needs a little tweak, but I'm very pleased you like how it falls into place. That one little flourish is by far and away my most complicated plot development and the hardest explanation I've had to come up with. Pretty long journey getting there too.

Ron. I say this alot, but maturing Ron, letting him grow into a man, but still leaving him recognizable as "our Ron," is one of the flourishes I take the greatest pride in. I really like the character. I love that he's still funny, a bit of a smart mouth, hot-tempered and he still HATES spiders, but he's grown and become a real threat to the DE's through his tactics. I wish JKR had expounded on this point more after his brilliant chess game in Sorcerer's Stone. Anyway, thanks for the praise.

Betaing. Mate, you've a keen eye and are clearly a good writer. The grammar and punctuation end of editing has never been my strong suit, but it really isn't the primary function of a beta (IMHO). Rather, all you need to do is be a sounding board and creative guide. Lot's of my betaing comes down to: "How's about adding this twist there?" or "I'd flesh this out more." or "This was brilliant! More like this." In truth, its a lot like writing review responses except you get advanced copies of the chapters which is exceedingly cool. Betaing for a single author is not overly time consuming. My problem was that I'd taken on A LOT of fanfic commitments (at one point I was betaing for four authors, trying to write my own stuff and dealing with an overload of RL problems, primarily at work). Moreover, since siledubghlase's passing, I'd promised JAM to help him finish off ROJ. Between my horrendous work schedule and my numerous fanfic commitments, I knew I couldn't keep up.

You'd make and EXCELLENT beta for Lily.

Again, great to hear from you my friend.


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