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Review:LilyGreenEyes says:
Thankyou for this story. As you said in your AN, setting the rights wrong. I'm so glad we finally have a happy ending for them all. And a happy ending that was so touchingly written, with a sensitivity and beauty that only you can do. It's made me very emotional to read those final scenes with Mione and Ronnie, I didn't spill over until the last part of the Epilogue, and then I went full on blubbering wreck again! And then I read your AN, and I really spilled over. Thankyou, from the absolute bottom of my heart. To have praise like that on the final chapter of such a brilliant story by such a brilliant writer is truly touching. A million thankyous my friend.

And so, to a brief review then ;) I won't say much because I think in all honesty you know how well this is written, how well you have completed it and how well you have tied all the loose ends from 'Clocks'.

I thoroughly enjoyed Maxime almost taking on the role of Dumbledore in this final chapter. The explainations were explicit and entirely understandable and cleared a few questions I'd got loitering!

I first started to well up when they were all saying their goodbyes. I thought this was so heartfelt, touching and written with a perfect balance whilst remaining sensitive, in truth, it was amazing, fabulous *insert a thousand more positive adjectives here*

Mione explaining things to Ronnie was beautiful, and the fact that she is pregnant is a beautiful way to end the story, truly brilliant to balance things up and set the world right. I really felt empty after 'Clocks', it was a fantastic story, but I felt it needed finishing and balancing, and here you have done that masterfully. I cannot remember where I read it, but someone once said that nature always tries to balance itself and right it's own wrongs, and you've really picked up on this here.

And so, the end of another piece of fantastic writing by yourself. I said it all in the first paragraph, but let me say one more thing again, heartfelt and profoundly, thankyou Eldy, thankyou xx

Author's Response: Lily, I'm truly speechless at this magnificent review.

I first read it two days ago and have been hoping, in that time, to come up with an adequate response. So here I am, can't put it off any longer and I'm still having trouble finding the words.

I couldn't let Clocks end that way. And, again, you hit the nail right on the head. Nature is self correcting. Fate simply couldn't let things stand as they were (and neither could I).

The big plot hole in Clocks was the blood protection. Specifically, that while Voldy lived, Harry should've been anchored to life. Out of a combination of Bella killing him and Harry not being allowed to remain behind as anything more than a gaurdian, the reality was simply to unstable to exist.

Put another way - Clocks could never, should never have happened! LOL!

But, I'll tell you, I'd made such a mess of things in the Clocks reality, it took a whole novel and a LOT of skull sweat to put everything right and explain just what the heck happened. I say this in nearly every chapter, but its true: I'm really really really flattered that you think it works. Plot can be a horrid nightmare at times. And I've painted myself into a few corners on occasion. But, fortunately, the only ret-con I've had to do in Crusade was add in the reference to "Reckless Git and Danger Ponce" in chapter three.

I first had Ginny refer to them as that in "The Proposal" which takes place a month before Crusade. Then I wrote "Pitch" which takes place two years before Crusade and decided to explain the origins of the nicknames (courtesy of Ginny and Hermione for the crazy heroics our heroes engaged in at Appleby).

Then, I finally decided to use the names as a story title: "The Adventures of Reckless Git and Danger Ponce." It takes place about three months after "Pitch."

It would've been so much more helpful if I'd written these tales in order before I started posting. I really don't know how JKR managed it (or Tolkein for that matter).

Maxime as Dumbles: again your spot on. that was what I was going for and it just seemed right for her to handle part of the explanation and Hermione to do the rest.

The goodbye scene still gets to me. I'm glad it has the same effect on you. While its still horrid that Ron is leaving his Hermione, again, a new set of weasley twins will be gracing the Burrow.

My betas split over the idea of leaving 'Mione pregnant; but, since I'm the author I got the last word. Literally. LOL.

Now, I cannot take credit for the epilogue. Siledubghlase, a brilliant writer, and one of my betas, bodged it together in about fifteen minutes. I tweaked it only slightly. Amazing isn't it? Still chokes me up when I read it.

I'm loathe to close, but all good things must come to an end.

Lily, you've been with me from the start and I can't tell you how much it means to have you come back and leave such wonderful reviews for this tale.

Thank you my friend,


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