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Review:gingersnape says:
Okie dokie, let's get into this, shall we?
So I think I'm just going to do a quick few sentences on each character, and then end with the usual stuff. Sound good? :)

Lily: I liked how you didn't give her the cliched, "Oh I wish I had seen sense sooner" reaction, not only because it's fairly cliched, but mostly because I didn't think that would fit your Lily and the reaction you gave her fit your character really well. I also liked how even dream-Lily wouldn't cheat. It was a nice touch. :)

Sirius: Hehe, he had a great dream that did a wonderful job of portraying the emotional stress and ego deflation his he must have been under during the incident with Tina running away after their kiss. Poor guy.

Emmeline: Aww, she had a sweet little blurb thing! I liked how she had always liked him, but it took a long time for them to get together. I like Remus/Emmeline a lot. :)

Marlene: Hehe, her whining made me laugh, but I liked the irony of how she thought Tina didn't have any problems, when she considered a blush sharing issue a problem in itself. That was a nice touch, as she seems to think she knows a lot... but she;s also very oblivious.

Remus: Again, AWWW! They are just so sweet and I hope Remus and Em stay together forever! :)

Peter: I kind of want to say "Awww" to him too because he seems like... me? (Except I'm much louder about my opinions and my loyalties when it matters) but I did feel like I connected to him most, with him saying about being an actor and not knowing what to do. And watching Star Wars. :) (But he can have Marlene. :P)

James: Okay, here's one more "Aww" because James had a sweet reaction and he is a sweet guy so long as he isn't around Lily and all intimidated by her.

Tina: Oh my goodness... Tina was powerful to read! Her dream almost made me want to cry there was so much emotion behind it! Now, I am a cryer. (Finding Nemo, Puppies for Dummies, you name it, I will cry at the emotional scenes, and I don't mind it at all, but I'm pretty good at judging the emotion behind things, and that was one powerful dream and some amazing writing!)

Okay, last review of the night coming up!

Author's Response: Hey, I've been looking forward to this review as this is a chapter that's a bit of an experiment and really want to know if it works!

Lily: I hate that cliched 'I wish I'd seen sense sooner' malarky! I just don't think it goes with Lily at all!

Sirius: Hehe, he is going under a big of serious ago deflation in this story, isn't he? I feel quite sorry for him tbh...

Emm: They are just too gosh darn cute for words. I wanted to show in this bit that although things seem to be going fast, Emmeline and Remus have actually liked each other for a long time and are both quite shy so haven't done anything before now!

Marlene: Yeah, she is a bit of a know-it-all and I wanted to show that here! I find characters that take themselves too seriously really funny so I enjoyed writing this bit!

Remus: Awww, I know! I wish that could happen also, but this isn't going to be an AU I'm afraid and him and Tonks are also pretty good so yeahh... go Teddy!

Peter: It's really nice that you connected with him since I was quite nervous about writing him since he's a bit odd. I love star wars- so I kind of used him to just get that out there ;P It fits with his character anyway I think.

James: He really is a sweet guy and I wanted to get that out there- you hit the nail on the head when you said he's intimidated by Lily though! :)

Tina: Aww, that you sooo much, I'm glad it touched you and yeahh, awww, thanks!

Ok, last response of the morning coming up!

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