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Review:gingersnape says:
Hello again gingersnape here again with your horribly late review of Chapter 2!

So, before I begin this, I have a few comments that don't really fit in with the actual story, but I still have to say. One) Please accept my apology for making you wait so long for this! If it's any consolation, here's a virtual cookie (gingersnap of course) and I'll try my best to outdo the first review for you. Two) I still have a smile on my face from reading this chapter; I really like it so far, but more on that below in the actual review. Three) My jaw dropped when I checked my email and saw the "p" word used to describe me. I don't think I have ever (and I mean ever) been described as popular, so that made me quite happy to see. Four) Okay, onto the review as that's what I'm actually here for, even though I know I could tangent for quite some time!

So, set up: things I see in order that they come, and then the usual spelling and grammar, pacing and flow, and my overall opinion! Onwards!

So, I really liked how Albus knew what to say to Katherine to get her to not be quite so angry with her, but Scorpius had a mix of kidding her and also trying to work her up. It was a lot of fun to read and was nice to see him not being as nice as he usually is. Then again, it's a bit unnerving to see him so mean because I really want him to be nice, so it's something that really made me think about who he is and why he is that way. (I love things that make me think like that; they're just so interesting and always adds something to a story nothing else will bring.)

I wondered a bit about what Scorpius feelings towards katherine are, as he seemed to keep changing them, from despising her, to mentioning romance, to going back to hardly allowing himself not to continually throw horrible horrible insults at her. It all came off as a bit confusing when I finished reading it.

Rose was interesting to read because she didn't want to pick sides and that really made me consider her character as someone who perhaps wasn't as stubborn as Scorpius or Kate, btu that she was also a bit unsure of what to do herself. I'm not sure if what's racing through my head is quite coming out as words okay, but I think I like having her not be on either person's side.

The apology (or lack there of, to be more specific) was really something I liked in this chapter, because I not only see Kate as a very strong character who doesn't want to be pushed around or treated like she isn't equal to Scorpius, but I also see Scorpius as a very stubborn character, and having them both want the other to apologize for what happened was a brilliant way to show that stubbornness in both of them. Hmm, stubborn sounds bad, but I guess what I am trying to say is that they are both strong characters who don't like accepting that they are wrong perhaps? I know that is what stubborn means, but I don't quite see the word stubborn as fitting exactly.

Spelling and Grammar: Overall, I felt like you did a pretty through job of getting the mistakes out of the chapter, and although I did see some things, I didn't see too many problematic things.

Pacing and Flow: I felt like this chapter had it's strong points and it's weak points, but overall it came together as one chapter nicely, and normally POV changes like that can be disruptive in a story, with the not stating whose POV it is told from, but I felt like it came off as a refreshing thing rather than a pain to figure out who was saying what.

Overall, I like the story as much, if not more, than I did when I read the first chapter and Kate is one of the best OCs I've read in a while, so major hats off for that. Whenever Chapter 3 is up, feel free to come back over to the thread and rerequest!

Have a great week,

Author's Response: Oh man, no worries about how long it took. I looked at that thread and I said "man, someone's popular" and you are--you give excellent reviews! I know things with Scorpius are a tad bit confusing, but it will all make sense in the end.

Stubborn actually seems like the right word, but I know what you mean. Headstrong, maybe?

I'm so honored about what you said about Kate! I will totally be back for more reviews!

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