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Review:Jane_Volturi says:
Hi Deana
Woah, ok, where should I start? I'm completely in loves with the idea of Roxi and Draco having a child for a start, it's nice to be reassured that things are going to work out between the two characters in AiNFiLaW-as you're already aware I am a massive Roxi/Draco shipper, which makes me immediately like Sandreiah because she's living proof that Roxi and Draco were meant to be - I'll stop being so soppy
now (I'm a sucker for romance ).
You've done a magnificent job of laying down the foundations of this story. You've given the main three characters a good introduction, and you've gotten the readers interested in them. I love Next Generation; thanks to great authors like GryffindorSeeker and Padfoot4ever, it's my favourite era. I also like the Next Gen characters that you've chosen to play leading roles in this story; neither of them tend to be used much in fanfiction, so it makes for a nice change.
Sandreiah is definitely an interesting OC. I love her name (is that weird?), is there any meaning or signifcance behind it? She's not a mary sue which is the most important thing, and so far I really like the sound of her character. I also really like the fact that you've chosen to make her more like her grandfather than her parents - again, original but also quite funny. OMG wait, this means you know how AiNFiLaW ends, does this story contain too many spoilers can I just ask. If it does I'll probably still read it but yeah, thought I'd ask just to be sure.
Storyline sounds great - not too angsty which makes for a nice change (not that I don't love angst in AiNFiLaW - just nice to have a change).
Writing was great, there were a few a few mistakes though -did you get a beta by the way?
Overall great first chapter, can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: Haha, I figured you would like this one Katie!! I thot I told you that Draco & Roxi would end up together tho?? & You're not being too soppy, lol! I'm a bit of a sucker for it too! :p

I'm glad my chosen characters seem to be going over well. At first I thot it would be too unbelievable; a Scamander & a Malfoy, but when you add in the Roxi factor, I think it makes perfect sense, haha!! Not everyone has read AiNFiL&W tho, so not everyone who reads this will know/understand who Sandreiah's mom is. So that's why I kinda have her telling things about her mom throughout the story. Like later on she mentions something abut being born in America, cuz that is where her mom is from...

I don't find it weird at all that you lover her name, lol!! Personally (and I might be a little bit biased here in saying this, but...) I love it too, haha!! It did take me a while to come up with it tho. I had to write a bunch of different names down, and combine several of them together, then once I had it I also had to play around with the spelling in order to get it to look just right. I know you're technically not supposed to put 'too much' thot into naming an Original Character or whatever, but I wanted Roxi & Draco's girl to have a special, unique, and original name. After all, I think it suits the Malfoy family's naming theme rather well, cuz they all have weird/unique names too, haha!! (i.e. Lucius, Narcissa, Draco, Scorpius, and I can't remember Lucius' dads name right now but I know that it was unusual as well, haha!) So there's not really anything special behind it, other than that. It's a name I just came up with here about a week ago when I first started writing this, lol! ^_^'

As far as I know, this will not contain too many spoilers for AiNFiL&W. But if it does have any, I will be sure to put an author's note at the beginning the a chapter in order to warn the people who may be reading that story as well. And of course I know how it ends, I've actually known for a while now, lol! But there are only 4-5 people in the whole world who are in on THAT little secret, hahaha! =P

When I started writing this, I intentionally decided to make it the opposite of AiNFiL&W in every way possible, cuz I wanted to challenge myself to write something totally new and different. After all, that is how we grow as authors, isn't it? Therefore THIS story if light, humorous, a bit more comedic, and is also written in 1st person. Which I am not loving so much btw. Through trying to do something longer than a one-shot in 1st person, I have discovered that I literally hate it, lol! Ok, so maybe I'm being a tad too dramatic, lol, but 1st person is HARD when you're not used to it!! I keep switching tenses all the time, and I NEVER have that problem when writing in 3rd!!! ACK!!! =/

Yes, I do have a Beta now. I hope you're not too mad that I didn't ask you... I just wanted to give you a break, and AiNFiL&W is no where NEAR being finished yet. I mean, we still have to do the rest of the beginning chapters, lol! And I know how busy you are (actually, we BOTH are too busy right now, lol!) so that is why I put in a request for someone new. This is just a small project, something to inspire me and get me back into writing regularly again. My muse simply would not allow me to work on AiNFiL&W until I got the idea fir this little story put down on paper, haha! So trust me hun, we will still be working together on the Novel a LOT this year, haha!! I am in NO WAY leaving you, or leaving AiNFiL&W for this one, k?

I love you hun, and I love everything about this review!! I will definitely be sure to let you know as soon as the next chapter gets posted up!! Thank you for everything you do for me Katie, you are a star!!! (((HUGS))) I'm just so thrilled that you liked this so well, and I cannot wait to hear what you have to say about the rest now!! Oh, and thank you for favoriting it too btw!!! You're the best hun, haha!! =)


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