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Review:Gaiapet says:
This is going to be a mega long review, so buckle up. Or lie down and get comfortable. Whichever.

Love this chapter for obvious reasons. Such a fun chapter but it also moves things along. The beginning was so fluffy! I loved it! Especially the random details thrown in there, like Oliver's hair smelling like peppermint. The random made the fluff seem more true to character for the two of them. Eggs! Legs! Really too bad about the lack of gladiator costume. But I'll forgive him for the smirk. That I love. Seriously, arrogant Oliver is the best Oliver. Or at least neck and neck with drunk Oliver. It makes me laugh whenever he smirks or says something overly arrogant! Lou is knitting a Gryffindor scarf! My spell check knows Gryffindor! Sorry, things like that get me really excited. Is the scarf possibly for Jane's birthday? It would be really long by then! Oliver's eyes lit of at the thought of cheesecake. Who wouldn't get super excited? CHEESECAKE! I'm starting to get a serious craving right now... AMANDA! More about her in my favorite quotes section. "Curb his boredom" reminded me of Curb Your Enthusiasm which reminded me of Seinfeld, which reminded me of George, which reminded me of a male version of Amanda. Yay Six Degrees of Separation! I love your prowess at writing letters. You always make them seem so real, like this character would only write this kind of letter to this one other character. Plus a lot of the letters feature Doger! Not that I'm obsessed or anything... But the letters really fit Jane's relationship with each girl. Alicia is her best friend that she just has fun with a messes around with. So her letter is treated lightheartedly and seems conversational. Katie on the other hand is like an innocent little dove (her patronus?) and needs to be treated with politeness, respect, and care. Plus the last time they saw each other they had a screaming match. Ang, of course, is treated as the older sister/mother figure and gets a real answer. If that made any sense. I'm a little loopy right now so it could be complete nonsense. Jane expected an all caps letter from Alicia. Is that a reference to the All-caps reviewer and book five? In addition to the fact that she would completely do that. I feel like there is the possibility that Amanda was "making eyes" at the steak, not Oliver. Flirting with meat seems to be a bit of a trend with this story. Haha! OLIVER SAYS HE FELL IN LOVE WITH HER! DUMB SH%%! DOESN"T HE KNOW TO SAY THAT TO HER FACE WHEN THEY ARE ALONE!?! But at least we all know for sure now. And then the two go and clean her room. I thought that she took care of it during her freak cleaning spree, but I guess not. Or, like me, she cleaned it and the next day there were clothes and stuff all over the place. Oliver plans on making some brownies, eh? Is that what those hooligans are calling it these days? I LOVE MR. P! He isn't in denial about what happens in all those empty classrooms at Hogwarts. Co-ed boarding school is such a stupid place to send a teenager. I love Jane and Ang's interaction. I feel like we get a lot of the four of them or just Jane and Alicia. I get why that is, because Alicia is just such a giant ball of fun, but it's nice to see her one on one with another of her best friends. And this was just a great example of that. It seemed very real, just what a girl and her best friend might do if one of them was worried about having biblical relations. Although Ang's comment about bringing a book in case she woke up first made me wonder if Ang met Jane. When has she ever woken up in the morning without Ang making her, fire, or the Apocalypse? She was only introduced to 6 am at the age of 16 for goodness sakes! The talk about the Slytherin sweater reminded me of James. Although I disagree with talking Slytherin about such a pretty sweater. I love how during Jane's mental breakdown, Oliver is making a ton of comments on the sixties! So funny! Especially making fun of the hair and lamenting the lack of modern brooms. He gets so into it and I love it! Speaking of Jane's mental breakdown, WOW! So good, so funny! Her mind just went way into overdrive and then exploded. Loved it!

Author's Response: This is an absurd paragraph. Seriously absurd. Like...a little over the line. I'm trying to keep track of what I need to respond to but my eyes hurt!! Still, I love seeing a giant block of text for me to read all about my story. One day I imagine people will love my novels so much they will write huge blocks of text about them. Hopefully.

Random details are some of my favorites. I'm guilty of doing it far less in fanfiction just because I fly through it so fast, but I do enjoy it. Peppermint is a favorite detail of mine.

Cheesecake sounds so good right now. Radicallyali just texted me with an image of one her friend bought her. Rude, don't you think??

I'm super glad you loved my letters. They're actually some of my favorite things to write and I wish I could use them more often.

You're right about Jane, by the way. She, like me, is the kind of person that has a spotless room (or in my case, apartment) one day and then two days later it is like a tornado went through it. Minus the ceiling being gone because it's there.

I think the main reason there is less Jane/Ang and Jane/Katie is that Jane/Leesh are a lot more similar and they are more of "best friends" than "close friends." I added a lot of Jane/Ang things in terms of personal conversations in Keep Away about the sex thing, then a couple of small ones in Hide & Seek. She is like a flawed mentor for Jane.

All of the interactions between Jane and Oliver just make me smile. Seriously, they are meant to be together forevz. For realz.

Thanks for the enormous review! I loved it. Made my night so much better!

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