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Review:Gaiapet says:
YOU WERE TALKING ABOUT THE CODE! DARN YOU YOU FIEND! I have more to say, but it wouldn't be family friendly!
LOVE! So happy about it! James finally put his head on straight! Plus he gets Falcon cat! Which is one of the best presents ever. Along with getting Aves as a girlfriend! I'm such a sap and this made me so happy! Aggh, I can't believe you let me think something bad was going to happen. Although that definitely made me more anxious to read it. When the queue went up I was so mad at this site! Loved this chapter! I wish that we could get a little more of what Aves is thinking, but I'm not sure how you'd write it. I mean, she isn't one for an Oliver type soliloquy and you don't write from her point of view. Was she trying to push James into figuring out his feelings when she excepted Twitwards and asked if she was beautiful? I just feel like it came a little out of nowhere for her if she really believed in the whole Snog Buddies thing. But if she sorta knew her feelings the whole time and didn't want to scare James off, it makes sense. James, of course, has been slowly realizing all this since forever. Great scene for it all to happen. Very hot. And the qudditch locker room makes it very them.

I ignored him. Well, tried to since his Head Boy badge was practically blinding me from the other side of the room.
- Hating on Twitwards and his shiny badge is awesome! Most shiny things are amazing (Doger's hair), but I can see how this would be annoying.

Bink muttering stupidly like usual. He was a sleep-talker, that Bink Legace, and once Freddie and I recorded it and gave Sinatra a copy just for kicks. She kicked us out of her office.
- Hahaha! If they said it was from a charms club student, maybe she would take away their bathroom?

Then she surveyed me, looked over to Bink because he was explaining the difference between a tripod and a fish (it was scales), then back to me.

“What else do you know?”
“I know you’re a tosser.”
- I love Lily! She is the best!

I never understood her. Seriously, she knew about the Code and Aves and I snogging. How? By reading my face? What kind of shit was that? Were there any other face-readers at this school? Load of dung.
- Lily is just super brilliant.

We were in one of the empty classrooms. One of the many, actually. They had like a zillion classrooms in this school and we only used like four. What were the other ones for? Did they used to have five thousand kids? Why weren’t our parents reproducing like before? Damn these empty classrooms.
-So that they would have the empty classrooms to reproduce in. But good thinking rant, James!

“Ready,” said Wesley. He looked entirely too happy.
- Because he is amazing and snogging Lily? Lilsley!

I thought it was clever. Meta didn’t, but she was a b*.
- I love how everything Meta does is excused because she is a twit.

Inside, and pawing at my fingers, was Falcon Cat.
“Falcon Cat!” I cried, grabbing her and snuggling her into my face.
- Awww, he's such a softie!

Ps. I know how much you love this cat. Keep her. Tory will get over it.
I framed a Puffer so the Profs won’t find out.
- Hahaha! I hope Victoria gets over it. And framing a Puffer- inspired!

Lucky my brother had a hefty bank account.
Also lucky the gift certificate was enough for two.
“No problem,” I said cheerfully. “You deserve a night out. Maybe a celebratory dinner tomorrow night? Al’s free.” I coughed the last part. Wesley smirked.
- I love how he always steals from his brother! How does Al
have so much money when James is broke?

Turns out Paloma got Wesley brand-name broom wax, which sounded dirty, but was exactly what it said.
- Hahaha

I only knew that because Avery replaced my Knife Wound with vanilla once.
I was not happy.
My skin was soft though.
- Knife Wound!

Meta got Fred some candy, which I would have been peeved about, but Fred was easy to please since his brains were addled and all that.
- Freddie's addled brains. Love them! I wonder if he is the one in the hospital next chapter? If so, I hope it doesn't de-addle his brains.

From Bink she got lucky bamboo, which was my favorite plant because you didn’t have to put it in the sunlight or look after it. Just some water every once in a while and it looked pretty. Cacti were cool too but I always ran into them and now with Falcon Cat around to raise I couldn’t take chances like cacti.
- All good reasons to love bamboo and cactuses. It will always be cactuses for me. They are pretty much my favorite plant and I kept getting them from plant sales. Somehow I killed every single one. I don't know how, but they just kept dieing. So now I don't have cactuses.

I love the entire part in the dormitory with Twitwards and Falcon Cat and Aves!

“Heard Edwards gave you a detention.”
I smirked. “Yeah, well, he deserved it.”
“Usually does.” Freddie shrugged.
- Love hating on Twitwards!

More to come...

Author's Response: I wanted to tell you...but why ruin my fun? When I can have a review like this? haha. I loved it because you and radicallyali both thought the same thing at first. To be honest, I was worried it would be too obvious it was about the Code, so I was quite glad to see that! Me in stealth mode right there.

I love falcon cat :) great present! I initially had something else in mind but then switched it on a whim. Glad I did!

You'll get to see more about Avery/James and how they came to be in the coming couple of chapters. You get to see more of the thought process, though you're right, it won't be like Oliver's bearing of his soul and pang of guilt.

I'm glad you thought the scene fit. that one has been planned since the VERY beginning when I was just sketching out the overall plot line. I knew I wanted it to happen in the shower of the locker room and I knew it was going to turn on unexpectedly lol. Brilliance.

You're right, mostly shiny things are lovely. Some things, like Twitward's badge and Nia's glitter, not so much.

"If they said it was from a charms club student, maybe she would take away their bathroom?"
-Ah, you know my sense of humor so well. I laughed like an idiot at this. Love that you remember that.

Originally, the (it was scales) wasn't there, but then while rereading it I knew I had to put something in. glad I did, makes it hilarious.

I always wondered about those rando empty classrooms. And if I wonder...James wonders haha! That's not the last you'll see of them.

Lilsley! bahaha!

Why does Al have so much money? Doesn't he appear as more of a saver to you? Like the 'rents give him money and he just saves it. James, however, is an impulse spender. He spends on dates, Quidditch stuff, everything. He just blows his cash.

I don't think anything could de-addle Freddie's brains. No comment about the hospital.

I have lucky bamboo. Hence why James got it. I love the little snippet about raising Falcon Cat. He's such a sweetie!

Thanks for this wonderful first half of a wonderful review!

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