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Review:ShadowChanger says:
Its. OVER?!. NO! buy why? :whines:

Anyway. Tantrum finished. First things first: I LOVE THIS FIC. It's beautiful, moving, astonishing, amazing, fantastic, sad, happy, exciting, OMG, and crazy-good. This chapter is probably, by one million points, my favorite. Even though it's the finale, it was still jaw-dropping and *gasp* worthy.

THE REUNION. thank you :) I'm soo glad you finally wrote about Sev's and Lily's reunion. It was wonderful, and everyone's reactions were very realistic. Edwin's general "how dare you" speech made me feel so bad for him! And when Sev and Lily were explaining everything to each other... :sigh: :) :) :) :)kk

The End of the Relationship: Well. Darn. I must say that the end of Anna's and Edwin's relationship came as a real shock to me. It was totally unexpected, but I know now that it was definitely for the best. And the way Edwin was treating Lily?!?! He's his mother for Merlin's sake. I guess I could understand if he was mad and felt abandoned or whatever, but GAH he was being such a sour-puss.

:HAPPY: The bit about Sev and Lily living in the cottage together like they were married again was a nice touch :) Also, it was good to finally have Sev explain to Anna why he killed Albus-the-Manipulator-Dumbledore. But, that's a whole other issue that I don't want to address at this moment.

Woah. That plot turn-around made my eyes almost fall out of my head. While I was reading I was saying to myself "No way. Not real. It must be some dream. Edwin wouldn't do that." But it was real, it wasn't a dream, and Edwin did it. You're brilliance at tying up the end of this story was remarkable and you should seriously consider a career in writing more thrillers like this one. When Edwin was talking to Anna and she was describing how she could sense that something was wrong, that he looked like a predator, I could see the scene perfectly in my head. AND OH MY ROWLING he was a Horcrux?! Wowee. That is absolutely genius. I never would have guessed that in a million years. Also, I thought I was going to scream when he stabbed Anna. The key becoming Basilisk venom was pretty smart too, but a little last minute.

She had her baby :) And everything went ok :) I was worried you would throw us for another loop and say that the baby had died or something awful like that. But thankfully, the beautiful baby girl is perfectly alright. The inclusion of Hermione and Ron was nice, too. Even if I think Ron's too much of a dunderhead for her.

Prophecy: The explanation of the fulfillment of the prophecy was brilliant (am I overusing this adjective?!). It was so believable I forgot I was reading fanfic's for a moment! You're brilliant, dearie. I must say that I am extremely pleased with the overall outcome of this fic, even though I will miss it so much!

This was magnificent, and I'm sorry to see that this is the end. I hope to see more from these characters, maybe a sequel? Haha, well, at least I still can read Roses Grow!

Thanks for such a great story!


Author's Response: It's over...I'm sorry. :( Thank you so much for such an amazing and encouraging review!!! I'm sad it's over too, but I have been picturing the ending in my mind for a while and I don't think there was anywhere else I could have gone to with this story. But a sequel sounds like a good idea...who knows? Maybe after I finish Roses Gorw.

Really? You liked the reunion? I'm really glad it pleased you because I know you have been waiting for it for a long time. I really hope it rose up to your standards. :P There would have been no way I would ever dream to re-separate Lily and Sev. They were made for each other!!

The relationship between Anna and Edwin was not going to end initially. I wanted the horcrux to be destroyed and Edwin freed from the painting, but it would not have been realistic. After all, throughout the whole story Edwin has been more of a strange ghost than a real person and I honestly could not see them together even if they had a baby. So i guess his death was for the best.

I'm glad you liked Sev's inclusion in this chapter. I wanted him to explain to Anna everything about Dumbledore because even though Anna may not show it, she looks up to him a great deal and she feels safe around him and Lily. I wanted to show that she trusts him more than he trusts himself--I'm really glad you liked it. :)

You are too kind!!! Thank you so much for these encouragements!! I would love a career in would be a perfect job! I will never give it up! For a few months it was really frustrating to try and write the ending because it never worked. I wrote and re-wrote this chapter at least three times before I got it right. I'm really, really, really glad you liked it and thought it was realistic. There were so many loose ends and I did not want to over-do this chapter. Thank you!!!

He was indeed a Horcrux...the main one that Voldemort made. He thought Snape will never see it because it was his son and he thought no one would discover it because Snape kept it a secret. But he never would have guessed that a 18 year old, pregnant and vulnerable girl would mean the end of Edwin. lol. I'm glad it came as a shock, because apart from the occassional small clues throughout the story I didn't give it away before., I would not have killed the baby. The story was dark enough as it was and it had so much death that I didn't want to kill Ruby as well. And the inclusion of the trio was intended to show that things will go back to normal (whatever normal is in this story) and Anna's life won't be as hard anymore.

I'm really happy you thought the fulfillment of teh prophecy was good. I really did not want to over-do it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Your reviews are the best! I love reading your opinion and thank you so, sooo, soo, so much for sticking up with this story for such a long time. I really appreciate it and I'm really glad you liked this story!

Many, many, many thanks,

Merope :)

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