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Review:Gaiapet says:
HUGE LOVE! Yayness! They are so perfect together! I love when they are together and happy. It makes me happy! I love Jane's hair in the chapter image. My hair rarely gets that curly. :( Wonky quilt! Jane finds out what book her mother is reading! I thought that it was a little odd that she made a joke right after finding out, since she made such a big point of saying that she wanted to know what it was in an earlier chapter. But I guess that's just how Jane deals with emotion. I just wish there was a bit more. Incidentally, Emma is the only book by Jane Austen that I enjoy reading. I love the plots and movies and characters in the other ones, but I just find them dull. Jane Austen wrote Emma as a heroine that probably only she would love, but I love her. But hey, I love Libby and Amanda too. Mr. P said Dapper. Another point in his box! I'm not sure if that made sense. Plus I'm not actually keeping score. But he pretty much rocks. DOGER! I have made a decision. Doger. I love both Liam and Doger for pretty much the same reasons, but I have yet to see Liam act awkwardly. Doger does. And I do love an awkward duck. Awkward ducks are just so freaking adorable! Adorkable! Haha. Red wine. Jane's legs. If I had known that the pillow on the couch would play such an important role in Jane's life I would have mentioned it when it came up earlier. Better late than never. Oliver's pillow! The gladiator makes an appearance! I love that costume and where it takes me in my mind. Very pretty picture. It should be the chapter image for "The Last Costume". That or Libby in her bunny costume... Haha! That meal sounds wicked good! Pork and mushroom sauce. Yum. Too bad about the green beans though. In my mind it will be broccoli. Have a recipe by any chance? I love jealous Oliver. He is just so vulnerable and un-Olivery when he is jealous. It's sweet. I also love how Jane throws a spoon at him. He deserves it.

It could mean my pleasures were insane, but half the world (like Oliver) could understand them and to the other half it meant I was daft for even considering it.
- Interesting concept. I like it. Better than a the dirty analysis.

Oi, Roger, Oliver and I are having lunch and I’m dressed in a tiny skirt because he’ll think it’s sexy. Oh, by the way I still have feelings for him and I’m going over there with the hopes that he’ll return them.
- Oh, Jane. I just felt so bad for her when I read that. But at least she admits it to herself, even if she later denies it.

“How do you know it won’t happen again?”
“Because I let you go once,” he said, squeezing my fingers. “I’m not letting you go again.”
- Sweet. Not Lee's speech in the garden sweet, but sweet. That made me cry, this just makes me go "awww". But Oliver isn't much of a romantic compared to Lee. Still, very sweet.

“Oh what in blazes does that mean?” I rolled over again, thinking about it. “I can’t understand Oliver’s pleasures? That sounds dirty. Eugh, this is rubbish.”
- Haha. Poor Jane. Motherly advice can be very confusing.

“Where did the food go anyway?” I asked, pulling open the door. “I thought since you got together with Lou we were supposed to look like we actually ate regular food.”
He made a face. “I got sick of the healthy stuff.”
- Mr.P! I guess being tricky is just too difficult. Big love to this interaction. And every interaction between Jane and Mr.P

I don’t know how well it’s going to pan out but I asked her a very stupid question (where the kitchens were) and she looked at me like I was insane, but then I thanked her later and she looked at me like I was less than insane. That’s a start, right? I’m going to see her at a Magpies fundraiser this coming weekend so maybe I’ll ask her to dance. Unless her date is a burly bloke, then no can do.
- DOGER! My love! My chosen one! But not Harry Potter chosen one. More like Ester was the King's chosen one and then they fell in love. Loved the letter! Love the tone of it and what he wrote! Made me laugh quite a few times.

Oliver leapt out from the hallway, standing in the light from the window, and I gasped. Literally, I nearly choked on nothing at all.
- Haha. Seems to happen a lot in this story... I would do the same thing though.

I couldn’t help it, I stared. My jaw fell lopsided again. A conversation on the Quidditch pitch came briefly back to me. The things I would do to him if I saw him in that costume. There was a bit of drool. I could feel it. My face was hot.
So. Never mind about that whole telling him off situation.
- Hahahahahahahahahahaha! At last he used his powers for good!

He broke out red silk napkins and I placed on in my lap, making a joke about how if I spilled the red wine it wouldn’t matter.
Then I did spill it and I was right. It didn’t matter. My lap was wet though.
- You have no idea how funny this is to me. I literally laughed for five minutes after reading it. Or a minute. Basically I did the exact same thing once. Except it was grape juice instead of wine. Hahahahahaha!

Love the next few chapters and this one. I mean, come on, Brownies, Doger, AND Oliver Wood! AMAZING!

Author's Response: Hi again!

My hair won't curl like that if I tried to pay it off with salon products. It just won't. It's straight, but not even that pretty shiny straight. It's like that whole when it gets wet it curls a bit, but it's more like wonky waves because it's layered. Anyway, going to end the immense paragraph about my hair texture now.

You are completely right about that little quip of a joke put in during the whole Emma thing. That is exactly how she deals with stuff like that. She puts off her thoughts onto something else and goes right back to humor as a parachute.

I love a lot of Jane Austen, though I must confess I haven't read everything. I really love Pride and Prejudice and Emma. I need to see all of their movies. I've only seen P&P and Sense and Sensibility, both of which I watch quite often.

I'm glad you finally decided between Roger and Liam! If Liam had more screen time I know you would get to see his awkwardness and more of his personality, but unfortunately there just isn't enough plotties to get him in all the time. :)

I'd use those as chapter images, but wouldn't be allowed to use the second.

I love how it gets compared to the Lee in the garden speech! One of my personal faves!!

I'm glad you enjoyed Roger's letter. I love writing the letters from him, which is probably why I kept him coming back. Honestly, originally I didn't have him planned to appear at ALL in this story. Then I thought maybe I could use him for a few other things. Then I realized his friendship powers with jane. After writing a few letters and letting them play off each other in the restaurant, etc, I realized I needed him to stay for good. I adore him :)

haha I love how you laughed at that red wine thing. That comes from personal experience actually, so that's awesome. Except it was liquor instead of wine lol.

Thank you so much!

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